Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the road again...first pitstop Idaho

We'll skip the boring beginning part of our trip where we all sat for six hours in the car; some starring contently at the DVD screen, some listening to music, others sleeping, and the two front seat drivers wishing they were sleeping.  We pulled into Birch's sister's home around 12:30 am -- exhausted and excited to be with extended family.  Tav and Vaughn had set up a great hotel for us and we all slept comfortably.  The morning brought many giggling girls and several wild boys into full action.  Tavia had planned a fun packed day that started with a delicious picnic and then hours at the community pool.

 Chloe got a waterproof cast just in time for our water-filled trip.  She absolutely LOVED immersing herself in the water.
 Nate and several of the other older boys had a great time on the water slide.

 These three girls were inseparable!!!  I love how time apart from cousins doesn't seem to hinder great friendships.
 Chloe being super brave!
 Tyler and several of the boys made rafts out of the noodles.
 We finished off Saturday night with a tasty dinner, basketball game, playing and more playing with cousins, a puppet show by the three older girls, and then the adults stayed up to watch a movie.  Sunday morning we all went to Tav and Vaughn's church and captured this sunny picture of all the cousins.
 Aren't they just a beautiful family!   We always love our Hotel Kimball visits!  What a great way to kick off our trip to Utah!

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