Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School -- little diddy about the kidlets

The back to school blues...
or NOT!!!
Tyler, Alysee, Alex all heading off to the first day of school.
Coop and Nate are next to leave.
Chloe is next to head out the door (three afternoons a week)

A little diddy:
Alex - 14 years old; 9th grade (Freshman Campus) 
**What a year!!!  Alex is attending early morning seminary, has several intense classes at school, and running Cross Country for the high school team=one tired boy!!!
Favorite foods:  spaghetti, orange chicken, teriyaki chicken
Favorite song: Anything uplifting or pop genre
Favorite summer trip:  Lake Cavanaugh
Favorite movie:  National Treasurer
Favorite dessert:  Boston Creme Pie
Favorite activity:  anything outdoors
Favorite animal:
A fear:  failing a class
Tyler - almost 12 years old; 6th grade (Middle School)
Favorite foods:  Stromboli, lasagna
Favorite song:  Beautiful
Favorite summer trip:  trip to UT
Favorite movie:  Kung Fu Panda II
Favorite dessert:  cookies and ice cream
Favorite activity:  sports
Favorite animal:  lizard
A fear:  getting bad grades

Alysee - 10 years old; 5th grade (Middle School)
Favorite foods:  teriyaki chicken, Stromboli, pizza
Favorite song:  Love Story by Taylor Swift
Favorite summer trip:  trip to Utah
Favorite movie: 
Favorite dessert:  brownies, ice cream, cookies, and angel food cake
Favorite activity:  read and play outside
Favorite animal: dog
A fear:  doing something embarrassing
Nate - 8 years old; 3rd grade (Elementary School)
Favorite foods: spaghetti, lasagna, orange chicken,
Favorite song:  Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Favorite summer trip:  Lake Cavanaugh
Favorite movie:  Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Favorite dessert:  cookies, ice cream, and brownies
Favorite activity:  sports and drawing
Favorite animal:  ?
A fear:  going to the edge of a cliff that is 5000 feet deep
Cooper - 6 years old; 1st grade (Elementary School)
Favorite foods:  cheese pizza and mac n' cheese
Favorite song:  Can't Touch This
Favorite summer trip: trip to Utah and RV trip
Favorite movie:  Cars 2
Favorite dessert:  chocolate bar
Favorite activity:  playing with William Cobia
Favorite animal:  cheetah
A fear:  clowns
Chloe - 4 years old; preschool three afternoons a week (Cute as a Button)
Favorite foods:  man n' cheese, cereal
Favorite song:  Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Favorite summer trip:  RV trip
Favorite movie:  Fisher Price Princess movie
Favorite dessert:  candy bar
Favorite activity:  playing with cousins and friends
Favorite animal:  panda
A fear:  thunder
Our days are calm and our afternoons and evenings feel a lot like this picture -- CRAZY!!!  Between picking up kids from school, Cross Country, soccer, scouts, Activity Days, homework, family dinner, etc... we are going all sorts of directions but getting it fine-tuned as the weeks go by.


emily a. said...

Cooper is evidence a good song can span the ages.... Matt should be proud because I remember him rockin' out to it while he swept the garage.

Meta said...

the 1st picture is so funny to me!!! love your joy!!!

Julie said...

Thinking you need to share your orange chicken recipe and what is Stromboli?

Deena said...

Love that first picture of you jumping for joy, while the kids get ready to head back to school...priceless!

Matt said...

I love the first picture!