Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BOO! Halloween 2012

The week before Halloween we carried on our family tradition of carving pumpkins and making/eating homemade donuts.
 We told the kids that Birch and I were not going to clean out the guts of all the pumpkins this year so it they wanted it carved they had to do the gutting themselves.  What squeamish kids we have!
 Controlling ourselves from consuming more than our fair share of donuts was the real feat of the night!  They were delicious!!  We delivered many doughnut holes to our lucky neighbors.
Carved Masterpieces

Birch--the Fijian Man, Coop--race car driver, Tyler--nerdy tourist, Alysee--cowgirl, Nate--Baseball man, Chloe--Fairy (though she looks like an evil one in this picture), Sara -- Slice of Heaven, Alex -- Super Alex.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Soccer Season

The Wanderers had another FABULOUS soccer season!!!!
Nate was as intense and skillful as can be!
His fancy footwork and determination makes him such a fun player to watch!

I'm thankful that most of the season was on the warmer side!

Friday, October 26, 2012


What a treat to have Alysee in the combined 5th/6th grade choir!  Their first performance was wonderful!  Leading up to the concert there was quite a bit of drama with trying out for the solo to the American Melody.  I was so proud of Alysee when she told me that she was one of twenty kids to compete for a solo.  Boy, did the teacher drag out the solo tryouts!  For five days Alysee tried out and finally was one of the top two choices.  After two more tryouts the teacher chose the...boy.  Alysee was devastated buy put on a cheerful face.

What a beauty!!

Two weeks later the Principle asked the choir if they would sing at the school's Veteran's Day Assembly.  Guess who wasn't going to be in town...the solo boy.  Alysee was so excited to have the opportunity in the end to sing the solo in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL.  She did AMAZING!!!

See for yourself.... click here:

Monday, October 22, 2012

APW -- Tyler receives the priesthood

Super BIG month for TJ -- first off was his birthday on the 15th.  I was a super awesome mom and actually woke up before he went to school and made him breakfast.  Honestly, I have to say Tyler and Alysee are awesome at getting up every morning on their own, eating breakfast, and catching the bus...often while I'm just waking up for the day.  I might have slid into the loser category as a mom for confessing that detail but really I feel like I have just trained my kids to be so self sufficient that don't need me anymore :)

Okay, so back to the birthday boy.  Tyler had a great day at school and had previously enjoyed a special lunch out to Olive Garden with mom and dad. 
After Tyler's choice of dinner (stromboli) we had a super delicious giant cookie with whip cream and toppings.
Tyler scored some great basketball gear and other goodies!
The following weekend kicked off APW -- All Priesthood Weekend.  The weekend was designed around celebrating Tyler receiving the Priesthood, therefore celebrating in DOZENS.  The morning started out with a dozen bagels.
The night before was a late night as the creative juices started flowing with decorations. 

A dozen balloons were hanging and filled with notes from family and friends on why they felt Tyler would be a wonderful priesthood holder.  Most were from family and friends that were not able to come for the weekend celebration -- so fun to feel the love from all over the world.

Tyler's Priesthood Line of Authority
Tyler was so lucky to have several extended family members travel from Spokane for Tyler's ordination.
Randy Baird, Bishop Dale Turner, Birch, Uncle Ryan, and Todd Daley were all part of the ordination circle.

Tyler can't wait until he is as tall as Grannie.  I think it is the first thing he checks when we see Grannie.  Grannie is so awesome to do these one day drives to visit us for special occasions. 
Not sure what is wrong with my face...but Tyler is certainly loved by his parents.
Emi and Ryan were with his for the week prior and were so awesome to stay on a couple of days to be apart of this special weekend.
Mila and Tyler are glued at the hip
Love this girl!
Emily and Ryan made Tyler's special cake for APW weekend -- Better Than...Cake
The weekend closed with Tyler popping each balloon and reading the thoughtful notes that family and friends had written to him.

It's been so special to watching Alex "train" Tyler how to pass the sacrament and now to see Tyler taking this responsibility so seriously.  APW was a great weekend and so special being reminded what a privilege it is to have the priesthood on earth.

Why Tyler will be a good priesthood holder:

  • And 12 years ago we were up late at night with fretful Tyler listening to the presidential returns eating 'feathery" chicken.  So sorry we miss this special occasion. We love you, Tyler and are so very proud of you!  We know you will take this special privilege very seriously and always be worthy to act on behalf of Heavenly Father to bless others. -Ami and Poppy
  •  Dear Tyler - as you know, the priesthood is given to us so that we can more broadly serve others.  You'll be a great priesthood holder because you really care about others and want to help them and that is essential.  Read the story Jesus told near the end of his life when he was giving advice to the apostles and you'll see that the most important thing we can do to serve God is to serve others (Matthew 25:31-45).  You have a loving heart and a desire to serve others and that will make you a great priesthood holder.  We love you - Ami and Poppy
  • When Tyler and I were talking about what he wanted to do in college and possibly professional sports, he told me some of the things he liked but in the end he always weighed if that sport, major, or job would work with having all the time he wanted with his family to be a good job.  I was touched with how much he considered that and how it seemed important to him for no other reason than that he wanted to be a good dad for his family.  What could make a better priesthood holder than that? – Laura Watts
  • I can't limit it to just one: Tyler is confident, sensitive, and helpful, which are all qualities the Lord needs in a priesthood holder! Congratulations, Tyler!  Love, Auntie Julia
  • Tyler will be a great priesthood holder because he's a stellar people person and the priesthood is there for Heavenly Father to bless his children through great priesthood holders. congrats tyler, wish i was there! – Love, Luke
  • Tyler is caring to all people.  He will have no problem serving anyone no matter how they look, smell or act like. –Ryan
  • Because he's a hard worker. We've been so impressed by your love and desire for running. This not only means that you push yourself physically, but also mentally. Sometimes running is mind over matter and it's not easy, the same is true of being a member of the church. We know that you will work hard as a priesthood holder to choose the right and fulfill the duties that are a part of you being a holder of his holy priesthood. We know you will serve others even when it's not easy, and that you will work hard to keep yourself worthy of the other priesthood offices you will hold throughout your life. We love you Tyler and are proud of the man you are becomingLove, the Wright family
  • Tyler will be a wonderful priesthood holder b/c he is always willing to help when needed. we wish we could be there this weekend! We love you ! Ryan, Blayre, & Owen
  • Because he's a ditto and he's signed the ditto proclamation. He's a good listener –Brent Ditto
  • Because he has such a positive attitude and he makes others happy. –Logan
  • He's especially helpful and kind- even to younger (sometimes annoying) kids! Wish we could be there!!  Tomorrow is our primary program!—Annie Ditto
  • Because he is thoughtful, caring and inclusive to those around him, even younger ones! I know he will treat all those in his quorum that way too. Wish we could be there! Aunt Jessica

  • Tyler doesn’t have to do anything…that is why he will be a wonderful priesthood holder.  Many people have to change the way they talk, dress, or act around people but Tyler already has these Christlike qualities.  –love, Sis. Cox

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Many Faces Of Chlo-worm

"You're not kidding me...I do look super cute!" says 4 year old Chloe. "Take a picture of me!" (Chloe's favorite time of the year -- going in the garage and getting out the next box of clothing for the changing season. She has been wearing layers of new clothing the last couple of days.)

Chloe is generally a very cheerful good girl (except when she is supposed to be going to bed).  She is very good at expressing her feelings/emotions as you can see above.

LOVE this girl...well, most of the time!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

General Conference Fun

I don't think I'll ever take watching General Conference at home for granted.  I can't rave enough about having our cool little ruko box that allows us to watch BYUtv right from home.  There were lots of preparations done to make this a memorable weekend.  Sunday morning started out with our traditional monkey bread.
Folks...this was totally homemade this year -- no Rhodes Dough (I just couldn't get myself to spend the $5 on the dough).  It look a little more time but they were delicious!
Cooper was extra spiritual during conference and built a super cool temple out of legos.  It even had inside furniture!

A friend and I each made sixteen bags full of goodies that we split and then had sixteen different bags of activities and treats for the kids to munch on throughout conference.  We had some pretty good listeners!

A few of my favorite talks were:

"Trial of Your Faith" by Neil Andersen
 "Like the intense fire that transforms iron into steel, as we remain faithful during the fiery trial of our faith, we are spiritually refined and strengthened."

"First Observe, Then Serve" by Linda Burton
 "We are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children. He is dependent upon each of us."

Thursday, October 4, 2012

BSA...and that ain't stand for "Boys Stinky Armpits"

This summer Tyler and Alex worked really hard completing many of their scouting requirements.  One of their "jobs" they had several times a week was to work on scouting for one hour/day.  Birch helped set up a plan with the boys and followed up with them each month during their PPI (Personal Parent Interview) on the first Sunday of the month.
At a recent court of honor Tyler received his Tenderfoot, Second Class, AND First Class!!!  Pretty sweet!!!  This kid worked hard!  He worked even harder on finishing three required merit badges -- Citizenship in the Community, Personal Fitness, and Family Life.  To get his volunteer hours for a non-profit organization for his Citizenship in the Community he was an assistant at a local church's Vacation Bible School this summer.
Sure proud of Tyler!
 Not that I love a shot of my bum...but I had to show how tall Alex is getting.  He recently surpassed Birch's height as well (but just a tiny bit).  This kid has huge feet that don't seem to want to stop growing.  Anyway, back to scouting.
Alex also worked really hard this summer to complete his Life Rank.  This is the highest BSA rank outside of getting your Eagle. Between cub scouts, boy scouts, and having four boys -- my necklace is getting quite heavy.
In addition to receiving his Life Rank, Alex got five merit badges -- Family Life, Citizenship in the Community, Horsemanship, Canoeing, and Metal Work.  His favorite was Canoeing because he got to swim and mess around with his friends in the lake at scout camp.  Alex has a total of 21 merit badges completed.  At the Court of Honor he was also honored to receive the "Super Scout" award -- an award created by his scout master.  This award was voted on by the fellow scouts in the troop after scout camp as the scout that represented the scout traits, good sportsmanship, a leader, and friend to all.  Sure made his mom and dad's heart grow warm when Alex's name was announced.

Sure proud of our scouters!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A fall day at Naches Peak

Last Monday the kids had a day off of school and so we decided to go on a little day hike to Naches Peak Loop off of Chinook Pass.  It was a beautiful day and after the kids got over being grouchy we all had a great time.
Trail Head
Flash back to September 2005 (the last time we went on this hike) -- this is Alysee and me.  Not that it is a great picture but as soon as I saw this same rock I knew that Alysee and I had to take a picture again together.
Check out all our cute kiddos
2005 Flash Back -- boy, have we grown since then

Alysee was in nature heaven!
Just beautiful -- Chloe was lucky to get sky rides from Alex and Birch
Awesome Nate-dog

Nate, Tyler, Alysee

So beautiful and warm -- love that combo!

What a fun day we had together!