Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lovebirds Hit 16!

Honestly it was a lousy anniversary as I came home from Corvallis with the nasty GI bug and had little energy on our anniversary.  I did whip up some pre-made chicken noodle soup, Rhodes rolls, and Italian Sodas that we all slurped up in seriously five minutes.  We had a full evening of a pack meeting, Birch first high council meeting (oh yes, I forgot to mention that Birch was recently released from the Bishopric and called in the High Council), and the older boys were at a Court of Honor. 

Never fear...we have planned to make it up in December when we are going to Utah sans children for a quick trip to Birch's brother's wedding.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh So Thankful!

For Thanksgiving this year we had the blessing of going to Corvallis for a quick trip to see my brother, Seth and his family.  They had recently returned from Africa and had just arrived at my parent's home in Corvallis just days before our arrival.  We filled our days together catching up on missed time as they have been so far away and giving my parent's home and yard some needed TLC.
 After being apart for so long and then the traumatic car accident that the Sherry Jrs. all went through this summer it felt so good to give hugs to each one.

 I couldn't get enough of this sweet thing.  Cali is just the cutest thing ever.  She took a bit to warm up to me but after I helped her try on lots of shoes we became fast friends.  Alysee and Cali were two peas in a pod.
 Tommy has grown up so much and was just delightful to be around.  Nate, Coop, and Tommy were three crazy boys that were inseparable.
 Tommy helped me mow the lawn Thanksgiving morning in his Batman costume.  Thanksgiving day was the only break in the rain that we had.
 I feel like I am around an angel when I'm with Caroline.  She has endured a lot throughout her life and is so grounded in what matters...her family.  She has to carry a lot of the load while Seth continues to recuperate and she does it with that beautiful smile.  I loved our time together!
 The sweet Rampton family took us under their wings like lost little kitties with our parent's gone on their mission in Fiji.  It was such a pleasure to spend Thanksgiving afternoon in their beautiful home surrounded in love and tons of delicious food.
 Mark Rampton has built this May Pole in their backyard.  The kids had a great time swinging and getting dizzy.
 I honestly can't remember what Caroline and Alex are arm wrestling over but I must document that Caroline won with flying colors.  Apparently, this is another hidden talent I didn't know she possesses.
Mila and her family had come down earlier in the week to help Seth and Caroline move into my parent's home.  Emily was such a trooper as she is large with child : ) and they had a looong drive.  Ryan was amazing as he spent HOURS outside in the pouring rain pruning and doing other yard work. 
 We brought supplies to make our traditional oreo cookie turkeys.
 I brought another fun project from Oriental Trading Post making these really cute turkeys and then on each feather the kids wrote things they are grateful for.
 Lots of fun cousin time!
 The highlight of the weekend for Birch was attending the OSU v.s. UofO civil war game.  Birch was like a giddy school boy!  Seth's hook thing is something that he uses to massage his neck.  It was a long time for Seth to sit but he lasted almost the whole game before needing a good rest when he got home.

The highlight of the weekend for me was our adult only evening at American Dream Pizza and dessert at New Morning Bakery.  Both places bring back so many wonderful memories of dear friends.  
 It was such a treat to spend the night being silly and having some great conversations with family that I so love.
These girls honestly looked like straggle muffins the whole weekend.  Chloe on day three of her braids and I think Sage enjoyed the free hair look most days.
I'm hugging a miracle in this picture.  My heart swells when I think how the Lord has blessed this family.  I'm not sure I will ever understand why they have to go through this experience.  The wisdom shared by Soren Kierkegaard, Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward, continues to be a favorite of mine.   The Sherry Jrs. are still on their Road to Recovery but they aren't going to just sit there and roll with the punches they are coming back with a fight.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Yumminess Overload!!!

Seriously how cute is this little guy!!!
Birch's sister, Blayre recently had her first baby named Owen.  We were lucky enough to make a weekend trip up to Spokane to meet this little guy and take lots of pictures.
On Sunday they blessed Owen at church.

And boy did we fill the house up!  We had a great time together and were so thankful to celebrate the newest Ditto joining the bunch.
While the boys were running around like maniacs the girls were upstairs in Grannie's bathroom having a visit to the beauty parlor.  These little girls are make-up lovers!

It's been a looong time since all the Ditto girls have been together.  Apparently Debbie and I didn't get the joke.

I feel so lucky to have these ladies in my life.  Talk about being surrounded by goodness...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Without getting into any political debates here I just have to share a picture that Cooper drew.  Prior to all the presidential debates Cooper had made a Yo Yo book of hand drawn pictures.  The morning after the election I glanced at his cover picture and it took on a whole new light.  This is what I saw...

The Lord's finger striking down on the earth with Obama as leader.

In reality, it's a hand with a yo you string tied around his finger with one of his many "brown friends" (as Cooper would say) from school.
How can you not love this kid??!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cheer Camp

When I heard the high school cheerleaders were doing a cheer camp for their fundraiser I just knew Alysee would love it.  Ironically, she was a little grouchy at first to attend but after the first day LOVED EVERY MINUTE!
After two days of camp they were ready to perform at the high school football game half-time show.

Look like someone was in heaven...
They danced to "Call Me Maybe" -- I'm thinking I won't hear any complaining next year about going to camp...more like begging!