Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lovebirds Hit 16!

Honestly it was a lousy anniversary as I came home from Corvallis with the nasty GI bug and had little energy on our anniversary.  I did whip up some pre-made chicken noodle soup, Rhodes rolls, and Italian Sodas that we all slurped up in seriously five minutes.  We had a full evening of a pack meeting, Birch first high council meeting (oh yes, I forgot to mention that Birch was recently released from the Bishopric and called in the High Council), and the older boys were at a Court of Honor. 

Never fear...we have planned to make it up in December when we are going to Utah sans children for a quick trip to Birch's brother's wedding.


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kg said...

Happy Anniversary! You two don't age at all :) Loving catching up on all your posts!