Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Eve and the BIG Day

Our house was buzzing with excitement on the days leading to Christmas Eve. 
 This year the Cobia family joined us for our Christmas Eve festivities.  Our smorgasboard did not let us down -- Birch (mango salsa and chips), Sara (famous homemade pizza), Alex (Orange Chicken and Rice), Tyler (boneless hot chicken wings), Alysee (Italian Sodas), Nate (Shrimp), Coop (Cheeseburgers), and Chloe (cupcakes).  The Cobia's also each brought all their favorites...we ate until we were stuffed!
Annual Gingerbread House Decorating
Nativity Reenactment - everyone draws a character and has five minutes to find a costume.  Birch was a narrator this year.

 Coop and Nate were delighted with what Santa brought them -- football uniforms.
Santa brought Alysee a beanbag chair.
To our surprise a beat up package arrived the day before Christmas from Fiji.  The kids LOVED their new Fijian rugby shirts and Fijian Indian Girl's outfits.


 Christmas Day was really quite magical as it snowed all day long.  None of us can remember such a Christmas.  Everyone had a great time playing in the show all afternoon.
Intense Football Game
Great sledding down our hill!

 Being a more tropical kind of gal, I did show my face outside for a few pictures and videos.  I had warm hot chocolate for everyone when they came back inside.

 Chloe loves her new umbrella and boots that Santa brought her.
It was kind of different for all of us to have Christmas dinner at home.  Most years we are on the road driving to family's house but this year we skipped the road trip and enjoyed the whole day at home.  Since we don't have any traditions for Christmas dinner we all voted on our menu.  We had a tasty dinner of spaghetti, salad, and bread-stick twists.

What a magical and splendid day!

Wish you could have been there?  Click here to view movie:

Shoot, I just remembered that I totally forgot to include Alex's talent in the Christmas video recap.  He totally made this whole video.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Music To My Ears

The past three weeks have been full of Christmas cheer and three school Christmas programs.

 Okay, this kid loves to be the spotlight.  He was hilarious!
 Alysee's concert was a real treat!
 Such a fashion diva (might I point out that the polka-dot skirt that is under her black skirt is one that she got seven years ago when she was three years old to wear at my sister's wedding.  Best purchase ever!)
 Tyler's band concert was quite festive too!

Wish you could have sat on the bleachers too?  Here's a condensed version of the three concerts.  (If you start getting forward to Cooper's part at the end--you will not regret it!!!)  Click here to view:

This girl's list is looooooooooooong...I'm surprised Santa didn't fall asleep!

Friday, December 14, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

Chloe:  "Dad, did you mail my letter to Santa already?"
Dad: "Yes"
Chloe:  "Oh darn it, I forgot what I really wanted.  You know that thing that Uncle Logan has...the knee-pad?"
Dad:  "The what...?"
Chloe:  "You know that white square thing that Uncle Logan is always playing on."
Dad:  "Oh, an ipad."
Only simple desires for this one...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Recently our family attended a WONDERFUL walk-through Nativity hosted by a community church.  This is the second time we have been able to go and it has been a highlight to each one of our kids.  The really cool thing is that they make you as part of the cast -- you become a "cousin" and are in Bethlehem to pay your taxes.  The outdoor set is amazing and even has a real camel and other stable animals.  Toward the end of the journey we stopped at an inn and one of the kids was asked to knock of the door and see if we could stay the night.  As we were told the inn was full and then had the door slammed in our faces it hit home what it would have been like for Mary and Joseph.

The most touching part this year was at the end of the journey our guide/cousin shared a quote that he had just found online and hit home to him.  Not only are the words so inspiring and true but it was also so neat to hear that a member not of our faith was touched by Elder Neal A. Maxwell's words.  The following morning I created and have shared this wall hanging with many.  What a sweet reminder of making room in our hearts for Christ!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh So Wise...

Birch just had the super cool opportunity of being in our church's Nativity production.  He sang in a beautiful trio.
 Check out how elaborate and cool those costumes are!
 The kids and I went to their last performance and it was spectacular!!  Birch did such a wonderful job!

Wish you could have heard here to watch