Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yeah Baby!!!

This kid did not get his ball moves from his mommy.  I have a feeling he could be his father's child, though.

 This year Alex had Tyler's name for Christmas and for his gift of service he is keeping track of all of Tyler's stats.  There is never a dull moment at Tyler's games.  This kid ROCKS it!!

Tyler counts down the days until practices and games!!  So fun having friends on the same team too!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I was gonna...

share how these two little fish have changed our lives this past month.  (One goldfish is Nate's that he is caring for it to earn his cub scout wolf elective pet patch.)

I was gonna tell you that Chloe earned the other fish after five nights of staying in was like a dream; she truly showed us that evenings can be bliss.

I was gonna tell you that Chloe now goes to bed without a crying, no coming out of her room, no fights with her sister.

I was gonna tell you that she has been working on an additional fish, needing an additional ten days of staying in bed quietly and that it has now been over twenty days and she still can't seem to get it.

I was gonna tell you how clever mommy thought she was with forming a new habit for Chloe...5 days reward; 10 days reward; 20 days reward...a new habit has blossomed and we enter bliss.

I was gonna tell you that Chloe looks like an angel after she finally does fall asleep...but by then mommy and daddy think she looks more like the devil.

I was gonna tell you that mommy has threatened to flush the fishy down the toilet with all the poopies if Chloe does not stay in bed and go to sleep but mommy feels a little bad saying that so she keeps it at..."the fishy will have to go live at a new home if you come out again."

I was gonna tell you how four boys go to sleep every night in the same room normally without a hiccup; upstairs the battle goes on with sleep charts, whinning, sending zu zu pets down the hallway with notes to parents, spankings, time outs outside, massages, songs, lavender oil being rubbed on the feet to relax...obviously we created the monster.

I was gonna tell you how a .25 cent fish changed our lives...but I can't...and it makes me so sad when we thought we had finally found the perfect cure.

So darn cute during the day...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Break Fun!!!

The kids had the first week of January off from school so we filled each day with sleeping in, fun outings, friends, and movies.  One day we took the kids bowling -- a big thanks to Uncle Luke who treated the family to this adventure for Christmas.  Another day we went to the Dollar Store and everyone picked out a treat and then we watched "The Rescuers."  New Year's Eve we went to Olive Garden for the first time as a whole family...again a treat from a friend who we had just done a photoshoot for.  
Our last activity we called "Eat What You Want Day."  We used to do this occasionally as a family growing up and my kids love it just as much as I did.  We give everyone $2.00 and then head to the grocery store to buy whatever you want with your money for dinner.  Some of the kids combined their money.  Dinner was a real treat of...Teriyaki Pork Chops and Rice-a-roni (Birch and Sara), Little Smokies and a Cliff Bar (Alex and Nate), Cookie Crisp (Coop), Pizza Rolls (Tyler), Blueberry Eggos (Alysee), Gogurts (Chloe), and a free coupon for the 7-up.  Is it scary to know that we had just about the all that food at one setting?

It was a terrific break and no one was ready to go back to waking up before the sun is up!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Anniversary Trip to the Beehive State

Right after Christmas Birch and I headed to SLC for an ultra quick trip for Birch's brother Andrew's wedding.  We were torn as to whether we wanted to drive and bring the whole family or fly and make it a post-anniversary trip.  Leaving the kids behind won...they were a bit sad but really they had a marvelous time while we were gone bouncing from friend's house to friend's house.
Since I spent our real anniversary barfing and being surrounded by the kiddos it was a real treat to fly sans kids and really celebrate.
Our first stop upon landing was the Salt Lake Temple.  We have a tradition of doing a sealing session each anniversary.  This was only our second time in the SLC temple so that made it extra special.
Temple Square was just gorgeous all lite up.
That night we made a quick stop at my brother and sister-in-law's house, Matt and Jessica.  Although we didn't get to spend too much time together it was so fun to see their newly remodeled kitchen and their sweet girls.
Following Matt and Jessica's recommendation we went to dinner at Sawadee Thai Restaurant.  It was AMAZING!!!  The portions were HUGE and the flavor was killer. We will certainly be back!

We spent our first night at the Anniversary Inn in downtown Salt Lake City.  Although many of the rooms as the inn are kind of hockey we were very pleased with our room.  We're not Twilight book or movie fans but we are fans of the Twilight Room.  Our time flew by as we didn't get in until after 9 pm and we were on the road by 7:30 am Friday morning to the wedding.
The Oquirrh Mountain Temple was just beautiful and was blanketed with fresh snow.  It was freezing so their are lots of red noses in the pictures.
It was a wonderful sealing and Jenna and Juje were in la la loversland.

Quite the gang whom braved the cold!

A couple of the brothers had already headed to their warm cars before we took these pictures.

Birch put together this collage of lots of our funny pictures from the wedding.  

The afternoon was filled with a super tasty luncheon at a nearby church where the Ditto family pulled off a Cafe Rio meal for 100.  It was so great to see everyone pitch in together -- I actually flew with 20 pounds of cafe rio pork that was gobbled up at the luncheon.  The entertainment was awesome -- filled with dances from the nieces and nephews, skits, and a song from the brothers.  So fun!!!! 

Wish you could have been there?

Following the luncheon Birch and I scooted off to IKEA for a 20 minute shopping spree and then to the mall to purchase a few gifts for our kids.  We made it just in time to the reception hall for lots of pictures, ice skating, hot chocolate, and visiting with out-of-town relatives.  It was a really beautiful evening!
Friday night following the reception we were able to spend some time with Laura, Jared, and their sweet newborn, Sawyer who had just been admitted into Primary Children's Hospital diagnosed with RSV.  Although the circumstances were not ideal we felt blessed to spend sometime with them and meet Sawyer for our first time.
Saturday morning we headed to Mapleton to see much more of our family -- Seth and Caroline were visiting Leah and Geoff and Luke came on over as well.  How did I get so short?
 So fun to see Seth and Caroline twice in two months when it had been such a long time.
Some of my favorite ladies!

Birch and I returned our rental car and sprinted to the airline terminal.  We had such a wonderful and packed 2.5 days together.  We feel blessed to have been able to see so much family, celebrate with all the Dittos on the union of Jenna and Andrew, and spend time together as a couple.  What a treat!!!