Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Arm and a Leg

Skiing is the only sport where you spend an arm and a leg to break an arm and a leg.  ~Author Unknown
Luckily for us we found out about a great deal so this year's skiing adventure only cost us a finger and toe.  We bought tickets to the Warren Miller ski movie for $17/piece and then got a free ski lift ticket in return for each movie ticket bought. And to top it off we were able to borrow all our ski gear from kind friends.

Birch, Tyler and Alex enjoyed a day skiing a few weeks ago.  Both boys have been a couple of times in the past and just LOVE the sport.
 It was a COLD day but it didn't slow them down from having fun.
Next trip up was Birch, Nate, Coop, and Alysee.  You can imagine the rage from Chloe that she was not included on this excursion.  The two of us ended up having a great day together (visiting friends, going out to the frozen yogurt shop, library, and preschool).  This was Coop and Alysee's first time skiing and Nate's second time.
 Coop LOVED the magic carpet and spent the day on it.  Although not pictured, one of Birch's co-workers and good friend, went up with him for the day and helped coach the kids.  Coop was quite vocal about telling Birch that he liked "Eric a lot better than him."  Without Eric the day wouldn't have gone as smooth and the kids certainly wouldn't have had as much help or fun.
 About half way through the day Nate and Alysee were ready for the lift.
 Alysee and Nate really had a GREAT day!
 Coop was at peace on the magic carpet and practicing his "pizza" all day.
 Though a little unsure looking, Coop had a great day and would love to take another "mental health day" and skip school for another day on the mountains.

Wish you were there.... Click here:


Julie said...

Glad you came by always enjoy the company of your family! After seeing the snow I think I should of served hot cocoa :)

Matt said...

Looks like a great day on the slopes!