Friday, February 15, 2013


This year's Pinewood Derby was an extra big deal at our house.  The reason being that an open division was added so Alex, Coop, and Chloe all made cars to compete in the competition.
 Nate's car is on the right -- it was a really sweet car and had some intense races.
 Nate is all about keeping his emotions at bay.  He can be hard to read unless you know him well.
Opps...a little emotion crept out.
Nate came home with second place.  It was actually a totally intense end of the competition with being tied for first place and then having two tie breaking runs. 
Nate also received his wolf badge and one gold arrow point and FIVE silver arrow points.  Nate's pinning the mother's pin on my scout necklace in this picture.
Coop on the other hand is very easy to read.  Coop had ate, slept, and worked MANY hours on his car.  He has watched so many other races that it meant a lot to him to be able to compete.  Alex helped Coop hand carve and do the final touches to Coop's car. 

Coop's car is the sweet orange speedster.

Alex had a great time putting his car together too -- it was fun to have him be able to be totally independent in putting his car together by himself.
Chloe was an awesome cheerleader -- and let me tell you we had HOURS to cheer-lead.  The derby started at 7 pm and we didn't get home until 11 pm.  Chloe's car was kind of a quick last minute thing but she had a great time putting it together! 

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Julie said...

What a fun night at the races. A few bowls of popcorn and cheering makes for great Friday night :) Love seeing the kids faces!