Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Suess's Apprentice

I have a four year old that is obsessed with glue guns, being like her older siblings, and being goofy.

 Chloe has been hard at work on her diorama for the past couple of days.  Alysee was making one about rattlesnakes for a school project and Chloe decided that she needed to make one for preschool.  She found the box at church and then came home and started cutting, hot gluing, and crafting away.  Her original creation was a bit simpler and had a drawing of Dr. Suess's know since he died.  When Alysee got home from school she started assisting Chloe and waalaa...
...the "Cat in the Hat Next to Dr. Suess's Grave" was crafted.  This morning Chloe added Thing One and Thing Two.  She has only burned herself with the hot glue gun like three times.  By the time she is five years old she should be a pro!  On the back of the diorama she taped a paper plate that one side has a happy face and one side as a sad face.  Her plan is to ask her fellow preschool mates if they think Dr. Suess is sad he died or if he is happy.  Where does she come up with these things?

Birch and I were talking about the hurried pace that is often felt in our house..."hurry and buckle-up so we're not late,"  "hurry and get your shoes on," "hurry and brush your teeth," "hurry and get in bed," etc...This girl helps us slow down every once in a while and reminds us what is really important...F.A.M.I.L.Y!

I am often put in my place by this young lady. Yesterday Chloe and I were running some errands and she asked if I would take her home so she could get some of her own money and then she wanted me to take her to The Dollar Store.

I told her, "No, that wasn't in the plan for the day."

Chloe replied, "You'd be the BEST MOM EVER if you took me."

"I already am," I replied.

Chloe responded with much gusto, "No, Jane's mom [Aunt Julia] is the BEST MOM EVER."

Good thing I think Aunt Julia is pretty awesome too!


Annie & Tom said...

And it only gets busier, so take the time now to love those little chillins -- they'll be gone before you know it. Love ya - Dad

Matt said...

Wow...she is quite good (art and manipulation)

Leah said...

Such a spunky girl. Love her!

Julia said...

Ha! I think I just figured out where that came from: when I do something even remotely nice for my kids, I say, "Who's the BEST MOM EVER????" And they know they have to answer "YOU!" So don't worry--Chloe's just been brainwashed along with the rest of them.