Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Rightside On Steriods

This past month I've noticed that the Dittos seem to be rockin' their creative side of their brains.
 Tyler made these super cute cookie pops to sell at our recent Scout Benefit Dinner.
 I thought he did a great job...though I have to admit that we ended up buying half of them because the kids were so anxious to try them out themselves.

 Alysee wrapped up a huge project at school on Rattlesnakes.  She loved every minute of making her tri-folded poster and diorama.  She also gave a five minute presentation.
 A closer look at her rattlesnake diorama.
 Then the dreaded leprechaun traps.  This is Nate's trap; and while he generally had a good time putting it together it was not without some drama.
 Cooper decided that he didn't want to miss out on the fun and with Alysee's help he put together a trap as well.  

From my facebook post:
Not feelin' love toward the person that created the idea that kids every year have to make leprechaun traps. I know to be a cool mom I should relish in the inner creativeness...right now though, I am cleaning up yellow permanent marker off my countertops, little bits of tape and tons of cut up straws, and tears that their trap isn't as cool as they had mentally envisioned. And I certainly am not going to trash my house to show all the little messes that the leprechauns make...can't we just skip this holiday?? love, the St. Patties Day Grinch
 I do lots of graphic design work on a regular basis but rarely is it for our family.  I recently got the bug to bring a little sunshine to my kitchen/dining room so I got busy making some new curtains and artwork.
 The frames on over my sink window are a favorite of mine.  A super talented and dear friend of mine, Kim Greenfield does amazing photography.  Every couple of months I change out the pictures in these frames with something new for the season. 
 I mooched some fun ideas from online and made up some new artwork for the walls too.
 Birch often gets the organizing bug...and this time it was also creative.  The many skateboards and scooters are always a problem in our garage making it messy and hard to get around to the bikes. 
 Using some hooks Birch attached them to the wall to hang the scooters.
 Then I found this tool organizer from Home Depot and it works great to hang up all the skateboards on the wall as well.  I am IN LOVE with this project!
 Coop has always been a terrific artist and recently brought home his creative story that goes with this snowmobiling picture.
 I can't believe the progress Coop has made this year in his reading and writing abilities.  First Grade has really been a year of accomplishments for him.
 Coop just brought home his journal from school and Birch and I were totally impressed with his entries.  The following pictures are from Coop's daily journal.  One of the things that surprised us most is that Cooper has never seen the movie Star Wars.  He loves the lego sets and eagerly looks forward to watching the little Star Wars episodes that are on Saturday afternoon on TV.  His pictures of the characters and descriptions are incredible!

 Pretty amazing, huh!
 Lastly, Birch and I have done a couple of newborn photoshoots in the past month for friends.  We are not trying to expand our "business" but have really enjoyed sharing this learned talent with our friends and family.
Birch does the photography...I assist...I do the editing...together we ooh and ahh at the special moments we have captured!

Stay tuned for a creative project that Alex is working on for school creating something from recycled materials.  He is working on making a coat rack out of a donated old ski.  It's gonna be cool!

I have to admit that pulling out the old sewing machine wasn't as painful of an experience as I thought it might be.   My mom spent so many hours teaching her kids how to sew and I just haven't found the joy in it for the past decade.  Getting that right-side brain a little workout felt good, though!


emily a. said...

Wow, those leprechaun traps are crazy intricate. I love your new kitchen and can't wait to see it in person. It does make a big difference in 'updating' it.

Julie said...

I was noticing yesterday how much Cooper is growing up. We are Star War fans and have the movies if you'd like to borrow them. Your talents are amazing and the Tew's video was really touching! You did one of my favorites saying for the kitchen :) You get a gold star Sara for being so amazing!