Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break in the Palm Springs

This year marked our seventh year supporting the high school sports camps that they put on during Spring Break.   However, this is the first year the weather has been A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  -- no hail, snow, or rain to speak of.
 Alysee tried tennis for the first time.  She took from a friend that is a senior in high school and just received his mission call. 
 She had a great time and I think would love some additional lessons this summer.
 Tyler competed in his sixth year at the high school sponsored Track Camp.  Here he is in the 40m Hurdles.
 Tyler finished up 8th Place overall.
 Next was the 1000m Dash.  It had been a long time since Tyler had done any competitive running and he said it was tough to gauge his pace.  He finished 7th place overall.

The last event Tyler competed in was the relay.
Nate and Coop both participated in the high school Baseball Camp.  They had both been looking forward to having Alex be one of the high school helpers but Alex spent the first few days of Spring Break in bed with a nasty respiratory bug.  Nate and Coop still had a great time!!

The second half of Spring Break was pretty uneventful.  I caught Alex's bug and felt awful until about yesterday so my fun energy was pretty dampened.  With the weather being so wonderful the kids were quite self entertained by playing outside, drinking out of every clean glass in the house, and eating all good snacks while I curled up in bed watching old Netflix movies.  The kids all loved having some laid back days and are looking forward to summer break!

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