Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Million Dollar Smile

A late bloomer...that is what you could call a Ditto.  Poor Nate has been waiting for NINE YEARS to lose his first tooth.  All my kids come home from kindergarten, first grade, and sometimes second grade feeling crushed that they never get their name on the "I just lost my first tooth" board.
 With twenty-five days left of school, Nate was determined that he was not going to finish third grade without having lost his first tooth.  He bravely pulled that sucker out by himself and triumphantly paraded around the house showing his tooth off.
Alysee, on the other hand, was not so thrilled when we left the dentist office a couple of weeks ago with appointments scheduled to pull out two teeth and a consultation with the orthodontist.  From the panel above you can see that her bottom two canines are flopped over and are not coming straight up under her baby canines.  With fear that the adult canines would dissolve the front adult teeth we were sent into a high speed ortho journey.
First stop was a visit to Uncle Ryan who was able to pull out "R" and "M" to set the stage for the upcoming orthodontist work.  She was very brave, though she would attest it was a bit scarey.
Next stop was the orthodontist office where molds were made and plans were set forth to give Alysee that beautiful MILLION DOLLAR SMILE.  She got her top braces on this week to correct a cross bite; then in about a month the bottom braces will be put on after her cross bite is corrected.  Then toward the end of the summer we will get to visit the oral surgeon's office to slice her bottom gums while she is put to sleep and expose the adult canines where then the oral surgeon will somehow attach a chain to her flopped over canines and attached the chain to the bottom braces.  Over the next fifteen months or so the hope is that the chain will slowly pull up her flopped over teeth and have them align in the right position.  OUCH!!!  She will then need braces again in her late teens after all her adult teeth come in. It's been a painful week of mouth sores but Alysee is brave and is going to come through like a beauty queen.  "Beauty hurts" may be our new motto for a couple of years.  I've always felt that a beautiful smile is a gift I would love to give my kids.  Alysee may have to get a job to pull this one off :)


kg said...

Oh my! What a brave girl and very cute :).

emily a. said...

Somehow I feel better knowing my niece is trying this out before I have to. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Way to be brave, Alysee!

Julie said...

I was so relieved to be through with braces and had a lot lighter pocket book. Makes me crazy when some of the girls stopped wearing the retainers, I paid excellent money for them to have a perfect smile! Maybe pitching in they'd have appreciated it more?

Leah said...

Ugh. This does not sound like fun at all! Hang in there Lysee!