Friday, May 3, 2013


High school baseball just wrapped up with a strong finish of 15-3.  Alex had a great season and loved every minute playing on the C-team. 
He was so grateful to have had many opportunities to pitch throughout the season.
He was able to use his slider a few times to get the strikeout.

Poor shoulder and elbow!!

The last few games were played under the lights, which I've learned is quite exciting.
Though the whole family coming out to support the last few of Alex's games started to diminish, our own home games still continued to happen on a regular basis.  The boys coordinate their outfits (note Coop and Alex are in matching attire and Tyler and Nate are red shirt twins) and play an intense game of baseball while the girls lounge and cheer on the boys.  Sometimes the games end in tears but most of the time these Ditto Brother Games are anticipated by all.

Alex had many opportunities throughout the season to be a leader to his teammates in the way he conducted himself.  Birch and I continue to be impressed and grateful to Alex's coach for the way he interacted with the team and demanded classy behavior.

Way to go Alex!!!!!!!

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