Friday, May 17, 2013

Coop da' man

It must be hard to be so awesome! It's almost hard to remember the first four painful months of Cooper's life where he spent just about twelve hours a day crying.  After a week or so of this he wasn't the only one crying...
Lucky for all of us he became a new boy around four months of life!

 I'm not sure I have seen a kid more excited about his birthday than this boy.  He has been counting down for months and had quite the elaborate plan for how he wanted to celebrate.  We ended up throwing Coop for a loop as we SURPRISED him for his seventh birthday with a few of his friends coming to the park to have pizza, strawberries, and donuts.  The park that Coop had been dreaming of going to is in an el crapo area of town.  (For some reason in our town all cool things are built next to the gangs, poverty, and foul human nature.)  We survived the party and only saw two police officers searching for somebody and a whole heck of a lot of gangster dudes smoking while skateboarding.
 This kid always has a flock of friends swarming by him at school.  The lucky friends that made it on the surprise list:  Abbey Cox, Bryce Hebdon, and William Cobia.  I'm serious though, at school there have been some issues with the whole first grade females chasing him during recess until he will dance for them.  He gets a little embarrassed talking about it.
 Chloe always loves a party and was extra excited to show everyone her new haircut that mommy did earlier in the day.
 A huge sigh of relief for me when Cooper requested a doughnut cake -- I can handle that!
 "AWESOME!!!!" kept popping out of Coop's mouth as he opened his presents from his family (we requested no friend gifts).  He is in Star Wars Lego heaven!!!
I thought my parent's card was really creative.  

This kid is an entertainer!  He is silly, a great dancer, says the funniest things, and smart.  We all call him our "walking encyclopedia" as he has random facts packed away in his head and shares his information at odd times.  Thank goodness his colicky body worked its way to happiness as I think I might vote for him being the happiest kid on earth!



emily a. said...

Pooker... we LOVE YOU!!!!

Leah said...

Looks like a fantastic birthday. And you guys even celebrated it on his real day! Coop, YOU'RE awesome.