Saturday, May 18, 2013


It's hard to describe the feelings that a parent has once all the kiddos are sound asleep in bed.  Magical.  Peaceful.  Tranquility.  Relief.  In addition to all those things it is also a mad dash to finish up projects, prepare for the next day, and sometimes even have a few minutes to talk to my hubby.

For the past 1629 days of Chloe's life our yin and yang each night seems to have been thrown off balance.  We've tried conscientiously to not spoil her as it's probably every parents fear to have the last child end up as a brat.  (Shhh....we don't say that word at our house.)  The girl has nighttime issues.  We've tried snuggling, spanking, reading stories, lavender oil rubbed on her big toe, sitting in timeout in the garage, timeout on the front porch, timeout in the shop, timeout on the deck, special peaceful nighttime music, charts to earn fish, charts to earn dates, charts to earn ice cream cones, charts to earn happy meals, going to bed early, going to bed late, etc...  Sure we've had temporary bliss but before you know it we are back in our same frustrations of Chloe coming out of her room for one reason or another.  I mean who poops at 9:30 pm at night? -- the girl should already be asleep.  Or how about Alysee sending Zhu Zhu pets down the hallway with notes attached of all her woes in sharing a room with Chloe.  You know by that time of night all Birch and I want is a little peace...a little stillness...and a little nothing.

Last Friday night was perfect.  Imagine all the boys and dad on a Father/Son camping trip and us girls going out for dinner, movie and treats in mom's bed, TWO stories, and a backrub.  Doesn't that sound like the perfect ending to a perfect night?  It was all bliss until I said "good night."  By the time Chloe actually fell asleep I was so frustrated and I could hardly enjoy my movie in bed (I know, you must feel sorry for me.).  The next day Birch and I decided it was time for a a permanent one.  This sweet, darling, smart girl is almost five years old.

Before putting Chloe to bed Birch went down to the guest room and switched the doorknob so the lock was now on the outside of the door.  He then tucked her into her new room in the guest room and peacefully read her a story and tucked her in bed.  He then closed (and locked) the door.  And the ranting and wailing began!  She must have gotten tuckered out because about forty minutes later the room was quiet.  We fully expected to find her curled up in a ball next to the door but she was snuggled up in the guest bed like an angel.  It's been a week now and the wailing has been cut down into some pounding on the door and just a few irate yells.  Alysee and Chloe beg each night that we will let them have "just one more try" and I remind them that I'm sure when Chloe comes back from college it'll be a great time to share a room again.  I secretly think Chloe actually might like her new bed, and I think Alysee really likes the quietness so she can read a chapter before going to sleep.  Just in case someone out there is worried about her well-being in case of a fire we do carry up the little angel to her real bedroom each night where the door remains unlocked.
For now Birch and I have realigned our Chi and Chloe is still as cute as ever and we are a happy family!


emily a. said...

Alysee's Zu Zu pet notes cracked me up. That's so funny. Oh Chloe, she's so cute and sweet. It's like her version of turning into a werewolf at night.

kg said...

Love this post for many reasons. I'm glad you've find what sounds like a perfect solution :) To many peaceful restful night!

Leah said...

Sounds like a great solution to me!

MaryJane said...

Oh my gosh...I am laughing out loud. Perfect picture for our head strong little doll!

Julia said...

I'm a big fan of the locking-the-door method. Glad your nights are a little more peaceful--you deserve it!