Friday, May 10, 2013

Groundhogs Day - surgery #15

Alex headed into surgery around 10:15 am yesterday morning.  Just a maintenance surgery of being put to sleep and cleaning his ear out really good and drilling his ear canal again (it always stenosis up over time).  I think the technical term for all this is "canalplasty."

Alex wasn't too nervous as this at it was his fifteen time being put to sleep but it is definitely NOT his favorite thing to do.  He hates waking up from surgery.  I was thinking yesterday morning how crazy it is that this is old hat for our family now and Birch still goes to work, crazy afternoon/evening of church, family, PTA, etc...  Guess I'm grateful that things have always gone so smoothly for Alex during surgeries and that we have been blessed with a good job that makes our health care not an overly big burden.

Ready to take on this surgery!!!
The surgery went great.  He was under for about an hour and half and Dr. Black, the ENT, was able to double his ear canal size by drilling and taking bone from the anterior and inferior canal.  He put in a new brand of packing into the newly widened ear canal and is hoping that the packing will hold the canal open while it heals and makes some new skin where the old skin doesn't quite touch anymore.
Alex wanted to sleep for a long time after surgery and didn't request his mommy until the nurses said that I might possibly be a little worried why they were not calling me back after post recovering AND THEN he didn't even want me to stay in the room when he got dressed from his hospital clothing.  I'm his'd think I've never seen him in his undies :)  Guess he is growing up.
After we were discharged he enjoyed a milk shake, subway sandwich, and worked on his math homework that he missed at school.
We've sure been through a lot together over the years.  This was taken after his first surgery in July 2005.   Looks like we've both aged a bit over the years!

Yesterday the nurses were so complementary of Alex on his kind behavior (even when they went through his vein and had to re-do his IV).  Alex is thinking he might like to be an ENT in life after high school.  I think he would be a great surgeon!!!


kg said...

Haven't aged a bit Sara :)

emily a. said...

I was thinking the same thing as Kim. Glad it went so well Alex.

Julie said...

Agree you look amazing then and now. But boy has Alex changed, he is an expectional young man!