Monday, May 13, 2013

Momma's Day 2013

Being a mom is certainly the hardest role I have ever had.  I'll be honest and share that there have been times I have wanted to take out an early retirement.  I have had close friends recently lose their spouse to death or divorce (or have married a slacker husband) and have been reminded of the blessing of having a spouse that gives 100% to our family and is teaching the kids to respect their mom.
I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love! 
 Alex made us these delicious Almond Mounds Brownie Bites.  They were scrumdiliumteous!
 Chloe showered me with several cute gifts she had made at preschool.  On the backs of these chocolates her teacher wrote down ten reasons that Chloe loves me.
The perks of having six kids...check out all my loot!!  Alex made the awesome vase for the flowers that my Lover gave to me.  I'm going to be spoiled for the next few days with all of Nate's coupons.  The only trick is remembering to use them as they all expire on different dates in the next week or so.  Alysee made me several cute cards and the little can of treats. Tyler even saved me a Hershey's candy bar from the Father/Son's camp out and attached it to a cute note. Coop wrote a really neat book about his love for me.
My beautiful mother, who has taught me to serve, listen, and recognize each person's individual beauty!  Love you mom!

"A Mother must maintain proper perspective in order to see the view."

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Matt said...

You are a great mother! On another note, will you have Alex send me that Mounds brownie recipe?