Monday, May 6, 2013

Super Hero Awesomeness!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go on a Mother/Son Super Hero date with Nate and Coop that the high school was putting on as a fundraiser.
 We double-dated with our besties, Brooke, Chase, and Colin Cox.  In full costume we dined at Burger King on Kids' Meals and ice cream cones.  We got a few stares but nothing that we Super Heroes couldn't handle.
I've got some pretty fabulous boys.  We spent the night playing Laser Tag, jumping in bounce houses, painting masks, eating ice cream and pop, and dancing with no shame.
It's hard to all be cool at the same time!
By the way, in case you are Super Hero dumb like me...I am the Black Widow from "The Avengers" I've never seen the movie but my friend was kind enough to loan the outfit to me.

I think my boys have some pretty amazing Super Hero qualities:
Smarts - each of my kids are great students; Cooper has an amazing memory and gleans all sorts of good information and asks really hard questions.
Respectable - recently Alex had the opportunity to shine out in baseball when the other teammates wanted to watch a movie.  Alex said that he was not okay with an "R" rated movie being shown on the bus.  Later one of the teammates apologized to Alex for his choice of movie.  I think that shows that Alex is respected by his friends.
Humility -  Nate and Coop are the top runners in the elementary school but I have never once heard them rub it in to others.
Athletic - each of my boys have AMAZING athletic qualities and they push themselves to excel in each sport they participate in.
Special Powers - Tyler and Alex are wonderful priesthood holders and they use their "special powers" to bless others and do their respective duties.
Uses Gadgets - earlier in the year when we were talking to the kids about strangers and child abduction Coop decided that he should keep a bottle of silly string in his backpack to protect Nate and him while they walk to school.  Talk about a pretty awesome gadget!
Determined - lately Tyler has really been wanting to earn money so he can buy an I-touch (I'm still not sure how I feel about it); he heard an announcement at church that their was a man willing to hire anyone to do some yard work.  Tyler called him that night and ended up working every day after school and on Saturday last week.  Determination for sure!
Has a "side kick" - my kids (generally) love being around each other; they always have a "side kick" to play with and love being outside together.
Wears a costume - each of my kids have pretty clear ideas of what their clothing style is; I'm grateful that they care that they are dressed modestly.
Willing to fight - they stick up for what is right even when it is hard to stand alone.
Strong - have you seen my boys' calves?  They are runners, bikers, hikers, basketball players...they are strong.
Courageous - recently a teacher at school was going to show a PG-13 movie in class.  Alex was courageous enough to tell us and then we ended up having a really great dialogue with the teacher that turned out to be a win-win for both of us.

I'm grateful for my Super Heroes!!!

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