Monday, June 10, 2013


Thankfully Birch's athleticism seems to have rubbed off on most of our kids.  Nate and Coop have been so determined to run their hearts out this year during Mileage Club.  Mileage Club is an opportunity for our elementary school students to run once or twice a week during their half-an-hour lunch recess.  At our school every four laps equals one mile.  The kids earn these little plastic feet for every five miles they run that are then put on a chain bead bracelet. 
 Nate was the first one of the school to hit the 100 mile mark!
Nate is fearlessly dedicated to doing his best.  He set his mind at the beginning of the year at reaching 100 miles and he did it!!!
 Nate was awarded his 100 mile sweatshirt on the last day of school at a school-wide assembly.  His total miles ran for the year was 107. 
Don't let this first grader fool you!!! Coop was the top first grader of the school and actually the third top runner in the whole school.  Coop ran 95 miles!!!  He was SUPER bummed that he didn't reach the 100 mile mark so he could have gotten a sweatshirt.  Dang it -- next year!!!
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emily a. said...

I'm so proud of these boys. That is such an accomplishment! 95 miles Coop? That's so awesome. And Nate's 107- incredible!!!!

I'll run 1 lap with you next month.

MaryJane said...

Wow! Very proud of both Nate & Coop. Keep up the good work, you guys!