Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flying High at Five!!!

I think I said that I couldn't imagine another kid looking forward to their birthday more than Cooper.  Well, Chloe has tied Coop's love for his birthday.
For breakfast Chloe picked to have scrambled eggs and toast.  It was an extra fun day because we had friends from out of town visiting for the weekend so the whole day was a party.   

 Alysee is like the BEST SISTER EVER and planned a birthday party for Chloe and a few friends.  She did everything from the invitations to lunch plans to games and crafts.  I provided the food and products and she did the work.  My friend commented that she can totally see Alysee (with her little clipboard) being the activities director on a cruise ship in a few years.  A few of the girls are missing from this picture but you can see the party had a fairy theme.  Chloe had a great time!!!
 I don't think it would have mattered what was in the present -- she was just SO excited to be receiving gifts!  Chloe does love the dance outfit from Grannie!
 Can you tell that Chloe is totally into Barbies right now?  I actually took her with me on her birthday to pick out some barbie outfits.  Sadly, there was only one outfit set that was even kind of modest.  It reminded me of going to the Amish Market when I was a little girl living in Pennsylvania and buying all sorts of modest barbie clothing at the market.  Chloe was so excited to get a boy barbie as apparently she and Alysee have been using a girl barbie with short hair as their boy when playing.
 After a dinner of waffles and strawberries, Chloe requested that we go to the shaved ice stand.  I took the fun sundae cup to make her birthday dessert extra special.
 Chloe was such a little turd prior to her birthday snooping around in my closet for her gifts.  One morning a couple of days before her birthday she was snuggling with me in bed.  I asked her for some ideas of what she would like for her birthday presents.  She started naming off everything that I had been hiding in my closet.  I asked her if she had been in my closet and she said, "No."  Little liar pants.
 Chloe loves to ride her bike, play Barbies and with her fake American Girl Doll, go to preschool, swim, chase after butterflies and add rollie pollies to she and Alysee's outside aquarium.  Chloe is super picky with what she will eat and ends up skipping most dinners (outside of eating the fruit).  Her taste buds do seem to love all candy, though.
So strange that she will be in all-day kindergarten in the fall.  Chloe was pretty disappointed when she requested to sleep in her room with Alysee the night of her birthday because "now I am five and I wouldn't come out of my room anymore."  She lost the battle but I assured her by college she was welcome to sleep with Alysee again.



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