Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gap2Gap 2013 -- Can it get any better??!!

 Introducing the 2013 Competitors in the Gap2Gap Ditto Clan:

 Team - Athletic Ancestors (Cousins George and Lucy Ditto and Alysee Ditto)
 Team - Three Amigos (Tyler Ditto, Kyle Murdock, a friend)
 Iron Man - White Magic (Alex)

Team - Mongooses' (Nate Ditto, Chase Cox, Kel Griffiths, and Ryan Hall)
 Team - Pit Vipers (Cooper Ditto, Sadie Randall, Bryce Hebdon, and Abbey Cox)
Iron Man Support (thus the big "S") Personnel - Birch (He ran around like a crazy man getting Alex's gear to him at all the right times and places meanwhile trying to photograph the other kids events)
 Team Cheerleader/Crazy Mom/My-Arm-Pits-Are-Sweating - Sara

Quick run down...
The Gap2Gap is an annual event in our town that the kids totally look forward to.  Birch and I prepare ourselves for months each night by running laps up our staircase while holding roller blades, bikes, and helmets to prepare ourselves for our job as parents of the athletes.  Meanwhile, the kids fret about teammates and how cool their t-shirts should be and what awesome team name they are going to have this year.  It came down to the last week of registering and Alysee still didn't have a team.  With a song and a prayer we put a call into our daring cousins in Spokane and invited them to join in on the awesome chaos and have two of their kids form a team with Alysee.  We caught them in a weak moment and they consented leaving Alysee TOTALLY excited.  This year there were 710 kids in participation (two hundred more than last year). 

First up was Iron Man - White Magic aka Alex Ditto (please note when I say "first up" it sounds much more relaxed.  Alex did start his race first but every twenty minutes or so we would add another one of our kids teams to the mix and the craziness was in full swing)
 3 mile run

Support Personal Birch helping Alex get his helmet on
 Finishing 6 mile street bike ride
 Not sure how long the inline skating part was but my legs would have been shot by then.
 Two times around the pond

 Obstacle Course
 Sprinting in to the finish line
Finishing time 1:06:52; poor kid was so exhausted that his drawers were falling down

Alex finished in agony as his back was killing him.  I think all that intense workout, not much water, and then all hunched over in the kayak did him in.  A couple of advil later he was feeling much better.
Alex finished second place in the 13-14 year old division.  Pretty sweet!!!  His end time was 1:06:52.

Next up - Tyler in team "The Three Amigos" 
Tyler accepting the hand off from teammate doing the running portion.
  Tyler coming in from his two and half mile bike ride.
It was pretty clear that Tyler is ready for a new bike and he road in looking a little like he was riding a gangster bike.
 The "Three Amigos" ended up in twelfth place out of nineteen teams in the 11-12 year old boys division.  They finished in 37:50 minutes.

 Next up was team - Athletic Ancestors
 Cousin Lucy did the one mile running portion.  She was awesome!
She handed off to her brother George for the 2.5 mile bike portion.

 Who completed the race like a champ and passed off to Alysee for the inline skating. 
 I was really proud of Alysee as roller blading is a newly acquired taste :)
She looks like a pro!
There she goes around the lake.
 They may look frowny but really they are all about the drama.  Team Athletic Ancestors came in eleventh place out of seventeen at 45:27.

Next up was Team Mongoose - Nate Ditto and friends
Sadly, I have very few pictures of Nate.  Although I make it sound like each of these races are consecutive, they really are all overlapping and I guess Nate's team got the shaft this year. 

 Nate's team finished in tenth place out of twenty-three so they really were awesome!!  Total time 38:13.
 A brief armpit pause here...all four adults were running around with cell phones giving updates on various teams and where you could come to watch a quick section before running off to get another child in place for their race portion.  We all shed a tear of happiness that we left the four youngest kids (Chloe and three cousins) home with a babysitter -- it would have been a true nightmare throwing in more potty breaks, snacks, and little feet to the mix.

Last up - Team Pit Vipers (Coop and friends)
 Coop was SUPER DUPER DUPER excited about everything --- his shirt, teammates, bib number, etc...
 Coop did the 1.4 mile bike portion.
 I seriously got a tear in my eye when I saw him finally come up to the transfer point.  He was working so hard and again was on a mini-bike because he was most confident riding his good ol' bike.  His little legs must have been exhausted!
 Check out his sweet shirt he made!
This picture is awesome because it shows how much they are all hoping their team name will be called out for winning.  Unfortunately they finished sixth out of eight teams and so they didn't get a metal.  Finishing time 22:59.

 All of the awesome 2013 Ditto Gap2Gap teammates!

Super awesome ending to the event was during the awards ceremony and they called out who won the donated super awesome bike.  We heard "AaL-Cee Ditto" called over the microphone and we all sat in a daze not really registering that they were saying Alysee's name.  All of a sudden it clicked and we all started screaming and Alysee ran up to the stage to be awarded her super cool BIG bike.  It'll be a couple of years until Alysee is big enough to ride her awesome bike but in the meantime Tyler is happily keeping it warmed up for Alysee.

We all came home and crashed for the afternoon!  Actually somehow the kids still had energy to play like mad men all afternoon with their cousins while us adults ate good food and enjoyed resting our weary legs.  It was a fabulous weekend and extra fun sharing it with cousins this year!!


Julia said...

Loved your post, Sara. Made me laugh and feel tired all over again! Thanks for the fabulous weekend!

emily a. said...

I want to live in Yakima just to do this. Maybe we can be the super cool cousins invited to race in a few years? Sage will be running like a mad woman while Chloe stops to see someone's super cute shoes. Can't wait!