Sunday, July 7, 2013

Change is in the Wind

For a while now Birch and I have felt promptings that he would be called as Bishop at some point.  These past few years we've had the opportunity to reflect on this and prepare our minds and hearts and home for this change.  Well, the change has happened.  Birch was called to be the bishop of the Yakima 4th Ward on July 7, 2013.
Handsome Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Uncle, Employee, Son of God, and Bishop
Eating my first slice of "Chocolate for the Bishop's Wife Soul!" I may not be a chocolate lover but a friend could make anything taste DELICIOUS!!! I'm feeling lifted up by the love of the ward and the handsome hunk that will be amazing!
"B" for Bishop
We were lucky to be able to have a few family members join us for this special day!  What an awesome family we both come from!!  Grannie made the trek even though she just had total hip surgery the prior week. Tav and Vaughn came with the whole family and Emily, Ryan and the girls came for the day as well.  Talk about love!!!

I was asked to share a few remarks at church after Birch was sustained.  I'm not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl so I put together some thoughts prior to church.

"I’ve been feeling worried and a bit overwhelmed throughout this past week and especially today.  Then I heard Chloe in the bathtub singing a song that she learned in Vacation Bible School a couple of weeks ago, “Trust in God – pray to God – and everything will be alright.”

I think she was singing to ME.

Humble yourselves … under the mighty hand of God, … Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you (1 Pet. 5:6–7).
I have a testimony that just like the Olander family’s motto: WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!

I know the Turner Family has done hard things and I LOVE THEM FOR IT!  

I have a testimony that God knows each one of us individually.  Just as we are teaching the primary kids this year they are ONE in a Million and that makes them strong.  I feel the strength of the gospel as I attend the temple, read my scriptures each morning, and organize activities for my family that bring us closer together therefore bringing us closer to Christ as a family.

I love the Lord and I’m ready to ride this adventure ride ahead of us!"


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