Monday, July 22, 2013

While mommy and daddy are away the children must play

Emily and Ryan drove our kids to Spokane from the family reunion to join cousins for the week while Birch and I were in Ceder City and Vegas.  We're sure lucky to have five families willing to divide and conquer!  I know it was no easy task feeding and toting around all these kids (plus their own) and Birch and I are SO grateful!!! 
And let me tell you...the kids had the BEST week EVER!!!  They all love their cousins SO much and their Aunts and Uncles made each day so fun.  They all came home five shades tanner after all the lake fun that they had all week.  Tyler and Alex were able to spend two days with Grannie.  They loved helping her with some projects since she was still recovering from her bionic hip and spent the evenings playing games and eating good food.
 Chloe was even able to spend the day with the Andersens for Sage's birthday.  My dad was up visiting for his high school reunion so Chloe was extra lucky!
 Alex turned fifteen year's old on the last day in Spokane.  Everyone treated him like a king!  He was lucky enough to spend the day at the lake.  Annie makes the most amazing cakes and certainly did not let anyone down with her double layer chocolate sprinkle cake.
Alex is pretty darn awesome!  He is smart, good lookin', thoughtful, and spiritual.  The ladies love him and he loves the ladies!  (You should check out all his pictures from EFY -- a girl snuggled in tight under his arms in EVERY picture.)  He is tall in spirit and stature.  


From Vegas we flew back into Spokane on Saturday night.  Uncle Logan and Uncle Ryan were so awesome and brought the kids to us at the airport in the van so we could hit the road. We arrived home around midnight -- just in time to catch a few zzz's before a crazy Sunday.

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