Sunday, July 14, 2013

YakiSherry Family Reunion 2013

July is a jam packed month of funness!  The long awaited YakiSherry Family Reunion finally took place the week of July 8th.  With my parents having been gone on their mission for almost the past two years it had been a long time since we had all been together.  Everyone made such an effort to come despite the distance, last minute job changes and moves, work, etc...  How did the reunion end up in Yakima?  Basically it came down to cost and availability.  By the time we all agreed on a date there were few locations still available and when you added in the costs of all our posterity it added up QUICK!!  A few of my family members had never been to our home and so it was such a treat to have everyone here!

On Wednesday a few of the families arrived early to the guys could go on a day long exhibition to Mount Rainier.  The reunion fell on the anniversary date of Seth and Caroline's car accident in Africa so Seth was ready to celebrate LIFE and his miracle in rehabilitation.  Several of the daddy's still had to work and Tyler was at scout camp.

Geoff, Seth, my dad, and Alex
Seth and Alex ready to conquer the mountain.
Geoff, my dad, Alex and Seth

Alex loved being "one of the guys."

What a year this has been for the Sherry Jr. family!  Their family faced death head on and with the grace of God, love from so many throughout the world, and a strong glue they have triumphed.  To read more about their story:

So the real reunion actually started on Thursday, July 11th.  Almost everyone had arrived Wednesday night so Thursday was a buzz with catching up and crazy kids.

With input of others I put together a schedule that we generally followed.  We had lots of fun activities planned and lots of opportunities for each family to "host" something.  Meals were such a success with everyone pitching in on their assigned day.

Talk about a good lookin' family!
Check out all those grandkids!!!

In no particular order I share some of the highlights of our reunion:
Daddy's helping their kiddos...going potty.

A hike to Boulder Cave.
My mom made these awesome nature bags for all the kids.  Each bag was made from a pair of shorts and was filled with things that would be useful for our hike.  There were lots of little containers for catching bugs, a magnifying glass, a pad of paper and pencil, etc...  The kids thought it was the coolest thing EVER!

Jessica, Lizzie, Emi, and Hazel
My dad, the entertainer
Tyler had been a scout camp for the first day of the reunion and then we picked him up early so he could be with us the rest of the week. 
Another morning took us all to the family fun center.  What a fun place for kids and adults!!

The bathrooms were in constant use with 34 of us around.
Tyler is always a kid magnet!  We had two different friends that allowed us to spend the afternoon at their awesome pools.  

Alex and Alysee
Lots of crazy water fun! 
We ate all sorts of good food.  Our neighbors let us borrow five of their umbrellas and tables that we had set up outside.  It was HOT all week but this helped it be more bearable during meal time.   We had bought enough of the little Adirondack chairs for all the little girls -- so cute seeing them all relax and have a spot to sit.
The boys play some early morning golf one day while the mom's went on a hot late afternoon walk.
We had planned to project a movie outside but after long days of playing we all decided that starting the movie earlier on in the house (due to light) and putting the kids to bed at a decent hour was a better idea.  Pizza/Movie night was a success! how did we sleep 34 people??  Turns out I have awesome friends!  We ended up being able to split everyone up at four different house (including ours) so every couple had their own room.  Two of the families were out of town and then our neighbors so generously opened their extra bedrooms up to my sister's family.  The housing all worked out beautifully!  We converted our shop into a bedroom for Luke and his friend Nandan that joined us for the week.  During the daytime we had extra porta cribs set up so babies could sleep at our house. 

Lots of outside games...everything from homemade rockets, three legged races, bubbles, the human rubber band, etc...
Luke is proud of his prodigy of the human pretzel act.  He gave some tips to Tyler and Nate.
One of my favorite days was Saturday where we stayed home all day.  We rented a huge, scary two man slide that was 22 feet tall.  If you were daring (and a bit dumb) you had a great time!  That thing was so fast and tall that it whacked you at the end.

These little boys had so much fun together!
Such sweet girls!  I have to say that the kids really did a great job playing together.
Uncle Geoff was so sweet and painting the girl's nails with Aunti Jessica.
Uncle Luke is always a favorite.  He like a human walking talking toy.  The kids can't leave him alone!!!
Lots of volleyball!
 Birch and I were in charge of an adult-only game the first night of the reunion.  We set up a glow-in-the-dark croquet course throughout our yard.  The winner...a chance to fly an airplane!  Ryan ended up winning but the thought of flying an airplane gives Ryan the hebegebes.  Emi ended up getting to fly the airplane and Ryan was brave enough to go as the backseat passenger.
 Emi was a little nervous but said that it was an amazing experience.  She even did the lift off by herself.
Maybe Emi will be a pilot -- life after kids....
We had everything from pizza to pasta night to burger to sandwiches to ham and funeral pototoes.  I was so thankful that everyone did such a great job preparing food and cleaning up after their assigned meal.  I never felt like I had to be in the kitchen unless it was my turn to cook.
Moving the ping pong table outside was such a fun idea!

The last night the Uncles all decided that they wanted to surprise Alex with an early birthday cake.  Alex was so surprised and just loved being treated so kindly and like one of the guys.  It really was so sweet of them!
The last night all the adults went and saw the play "Fiddler on the Roof."  It was a fun night, though in hindsight I think I would have been nicer to have just got out for an adult-only dinner so we could have visited more. 

It was an absolutely wonderful week!  Birch and I flew out super early Sunday morning and so the best part of hosting the reunion was missing out on all the cleaning.  In fact, I would award my family the "Leave No Trace" award.  The house looked fantastic when we got home!  I love my family and I'm so thankful that everyone made the trek to our home!!!

 Wish you were a Sherry!  Click here: to watch the awesome movie that my brother Matt made of the reunion.


Matt said...

It was a great reunion! Thanks for the latest blogpost to remind me. Can't wait till the next one!

emily a. said...

SO much fun!

Leah said...

I had forgotten how fun it was! Kidding. Thanks for the post and for being the hostess with the mostess as usually, even though you posted the worlds worst picture of me and my backside...

MaryJane said...

So fun to see just what was going on next door for 4 days. What a great family. The human rubber band was hysterical. Where did that idea come from?

Unknown said...

seeing all of your family and the wonderful reunion you had brought back some wonderful memories. matt, the video was over the moon. thank you sherry family for reminding me what amazing people you are.

Unknown said...

"unknown" is diane jaquith....ha, ha. so typical of me and technology.