Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A'int 38 Great??!!!

I started my birthday off with my favorite people (my family) and ended the day with my favorite people! We PACKED the day in with projects, family time, and celebrating with dear friends!

 The kids all made a delicious breakfast in bed for me.
 Birch planned a special little party for me that evening with the Cox family. We dined on a delicious ice cream cake and cup cakes.
This picture brings a smile and tear to me at the same time.  This week also brought the news that the Cox family is going to move to Utah in just a couple of days.  This is family is not related by blood but has ties just as strong. Due to vacation schedules this picture is the last time we will all see each other...for a while.  We have all cried and rejoiced for the upcoming adventures for the Coxes.  Mostly we are sad for ourselves but we all have faith that our friendship is eternal and can endure the miles that will be placed between us.
Hanging in our living room to give us courage!

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