Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alysee turns 11!

Alysee is a one of the kind girl! I'm sure our family would not roll like it does if we didn't have girl right smack in the middle of the craziness. 
For Alysee's birthday she chose to go walk a dog at the Human Society Animal Shelter.  If we were really good parents she would already have a pet by now but since we aren't this was as close as she could get.
 I know Alysee will never appreciate what a gift this was from me.  Going into the stinky shelter and then having the kids man-handle the little squirly dogs was truly a test of love for me.  Alysee assures me regularly that when she has her own house it will be full of dogs to sniff my crotch and get dog hair all over me.  Oh boy, I can hardly wait...
 Chloe was in doggy heaven too!
For dinner Alysee requested lettuce wraps, a new found love for our family.  Grandma Gina and Rudy arrived for the evening just in time for Alysee's birthday dinner and dessert.

 So fun to share the day with great-grandparents!  Alysee choose angel food cake for dessert.
My mom made this beautiful skirt for Alysee's birthday.

Alysee has so many talents.  She is a great writer and if she ever has some down time she is usually working on a book.  This summer she wrote an amazing book on "Caring for your Fish."  She loves animals and creepy crawling things.  Alysee is very caring not only to animals but also children.  She has a natural gift for teaching and loves to put on school or church when she can convince a sibling to participate.  Alysee loves most healthy foods but definitely has a sweet tooth too.  She is a smarty pants and loves to work on large projects.  Alysee is a social bug and has probably ten pen pals that she faithfully writes.  



emily a. said...

We love Alysee and agree, she's amazing with kids. My girls adore her almost as much as I do!

Leah said...

Love you Lysee. My kids were just talking about when they made "salad" with you in the field.