Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to the academic grind!

Alex struts his stuff as a sophomore this year!  He's excited to be a the high school this year as last year he was at the 9th grade campus.  Alex is amazing at getting up for early morning 6:20 am seminary each day.  I dream happy thoughts each morning as Birch gets up and drives him to seminary.
 Alysee is in 6th grade this year at the middle school.  It's going to be an intense year with advanced math, humanities, and science.  Yikes!  She is especially excited to be in choir again and around all her friends.  This is one social girl!
 Tyler hits the junior high campus as a 7th grader!  He was encouraged to try out a couple of advanced classes this year which he is a little nervous about but I think a little challenge would be good for him.  Tyler is going to be running x-country this fall.
 These two ride the morning bus together but come home at separate times with various afternoon activities.
 BIG NEWS!!!  Chloe is in all-day kindergarten this year!  We're all excited for this adventure.  Alysee has helped prepare Chloe with all her in-house school lessons she has given over the years.
 Cooper is off to second grade with a favorite teacher of our family's!  Coop's excited for recess and P.E.
Nate is in 4th grade and doing school patrol this year!  He's nervous and excited all at the same time.   

These two plan on keeping a good eye on their little sister!

This picture is from last year but perfectly fits this year too!  Feeling just a little giddy right now as today is the first time in fifteen years all of my kids are in school! Chloe actually only had school for 30 minutes this morning but she is at a friends house now just giving me a sliver of taste of what this year will be like. I'm at I do the dishes, scrub the toilets, update the blog or read a book, watch a movie, go shopping solo, or take a nap?

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emily a. said...

Ty looks like he's getting taller. Now that's a good looking group of smarties!