Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birch is Farty!!!

Birch's birthday was much anticipated not only because he was turning FORTY year's old but also because it landed on the day of the Coeur d'alene triathlon. 

Before the race the officials write your age on your calf -- this 40 also meant that Birch was bumped up into the older age group.  Yikes!!!
This year Birch and his brother Logan competed together.  I don't use the word "competed" lightly either.  These brothers have extreme love for each other but they also have a hearty dose of competitiveness too.  Julia (Logan's wife) and I wondered throughout the race if one of them had a flat tire or something would they stop for each other?
 Birch is hard to miss in his borrowed old school red tank top wet suit.  Last he rented a nicer wet suit but found it much too constrictive.
 Can you spot him?
 Birch really struggled on the 1.5 mile swim portion this year.  He said that it took him longer to get into a good rhythm and find a spot to swim where there were not so many competitors flailing legs and arms.  I got a little teary when I saw how tired he was coming out of the swim and knowing he was only a third of the way through the race.
 Next up was the 40K road bike portion.  This is usually a really strong point for Birch so I was hoping that he would make up time from his swim.
 Score!!  He did awesome!
 The final leg of the race...10K run.
 The cheerleaders!

 The finish line in sight!
 There goes Dad and all the kids!!  Not sure if the other racers appreciated the extra six runners but they certainly are their dad's number one fans.
 It was a dang early morning!  Julia and I loaded up our kids around 6 am so we were all tuckered out.
 Proud family!

These brothers were SO dang close in their times!!!  Logan beat Birch hands down on the swim portion but Birch was able to gain some of his time back in the bike and run.  If I calculated it right they were 92 seconds apart from each other.  Birch holds his spot...barely. 

 I was so proud of my hubby as he has had very little time to train this triathlon with life and his new church responsibilities.
 Our time in Spokane was really limited so we packed it full of fun.  From the triathlon we headed to the lake for lunch with Annie and Kelly's family. The kids all had a great time play in the water and going tubing.
 Chloe, the sand monster
 With Kelly's encouragement Birch dragged his tired legs onto the skis and took a quick birthday ski.

 Next stop was Manito Park for a birthday party for Birch.  Emily had done a super cute job decorating a little area for the party. I kind of think this mommy might be proud of her son.
 Aunti Annie made an awesome cake for Birch sporting his favorite Beaver colors.

 Lots of Birchy love to be had!!  We all participated in the cutest tribute to Birch that Grannie planned.  It involved singing, a bit of dancing, and spelling words that represented Birch.
 Logan and Julia were sure to remind Birch of his ol' age with this epic bingo set.
 My parents got this sweet bike jersey for Birch while in Fiji.  Sure wish we had opened it in the morning so he could have worn it during the triathlon. Birch can't wait to put it to good use. 
 My mom also fulfilled Alex's dream with an apron just for him.  Father/Son twins!
Now that's a lot of candles!!!
 Love this man!!!!

Wish you were a Ditto??  Watch the movie that Uncle Kelly made here of the afternoon fun at the lake:

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Laurie said...

Sara.... thanks for posting all the fun of Birch's 40th!!! Your blogging is great for keeping up with your family, since we hardly get to see you.
Love, Laurie, Tom & Family