Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Livin' High...Alex's High Adventure Scout Trip

While Alex was sad that his Scout High Adventure trip landed on the same week as our Lake Cavanaugh trip he was still super excited to spend the week with a great group of guys.  The boys all decided to go to Park Lake near Grand Coulee Dam for a week of intense water sports.  Alex was tutored under his scout leader that is a super intense and proficient skier.

 The Troops

These boys played and ate all day long.  And let me tell you...they ate good (I know because I bought all the food).  They planned elaborate meals ranging from potstickers, fried rice, grilled chicken sandwiches, breakfast burritos, brats, sugar snap peas, nectarines, etc...  They were fat and happy!  Alex had such a great time!

Wish you were fifteen and could go on a ManVenture?  Alex made this sweet video, click here:

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