Monday, September 9, 2013

ABH 2013 - Seven Devils

Special Guest Post from Birch
September 5-7.  Another great ABH this year...near Riggins, ID.  Vaughn planned a sweet trip in the Seven Devils Wilderness near Hells Canyon.  24 miles over three days with spectacular views.
Brent, Logan, Kelly and I met in Lewiston, ID, then drove to Riggins early Thursday morning. 

The first day was wet!  We had expected rain, so were prepared.  I wasn't prepared for this, however.  My boots bit the dust.  The entire sole came off of both boots!  They served me well for 17 years over many miles and mountains.  We gave them a proper burial.  Gratefully, Kelly gave me his Keene sandals for the rest of the trip.  Thanks Kel!

Four of the Seven Devils in the background
A sweet night at the lake...after a big rain.
Gettin' creative with the flashlights!
Friday morning we summited He Devil, the highest peak of the Seven Devils (elev 9,400').
Kelly on the way to He Devil summit.
Sweet views from the top of He Devil.  The lake between my legs is Gem Lake, where we camped the night before.
He Devil behind us.  We can't resist the acrobatics!
Logan and Julia made these hankies for all of us.  A useful and appreciated accoutrement.
On Friday afternoon we hooked up with Vaughn and Andrew, who drove up from Boise.  It was great to have them join us!
A little meditation at high altitude is good for the soul.

Saturday morning we watched the sun rise from a lookout at Dry Diggins, overlooking Hells Canyon and the Snake River.  Pretty spectacular.
He Devil (on right) from the Dry Diggins lookout.
Sunset over a mountain lake.  These quiet and spectacular moments cause me to feel gratitude for our Creator.
Nothing like instant oatmeal in the morning.  Peaches and Cream, baby!
Hells Canyon in the background.
As is our custom, we sang a few hymns at the top of the lookout.
We had a hot fire going before we jumped into the lake.
That was some cold water!
Kelly and I had these shirts made to remember the great event.
On the way home!  A long and arduous climb back to the car (down the valley and then up the other side of the peak behind me).
Celebrating the end of the trail!
I feel so much love and admiration for my brothers.  They are all successful, faithful, fun and committed men.  I love spending time with them.  Ryan, you better not miss another ABH!
No wilderness adventure is complete without a hearty and greasy burger at the end!  Summervilles Cafe in Riggins did not disappoint!  Long Live ABH!!


emily a. said...

This is one of the best traditions I think. So does the missing brother still get all of the shirts/shorts/hats or whatever if they can't make it?

MaryJane said...

Wow! You guys are amazing. Long live ABH is right!

Tagging along with Emily's question; I noticed 3 of you have the same swim trunks...another year's memento?