Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back To Our Roots

Although the timing wasn't ideal with just having returned from Vegas/Spokane we spent the next two days at home mowing the lawn, doing laundry, and packing AGAIN for well anticipated trip to Corvallis.  The Corvallis LDS Stake was celebrating their 50th anniversary with a salmon bake, drama production, and visiting with old friends.  I was extra brave and drove all the kids down by myself since Birch had to stay and work.
We had great weather all week and enjoyed a day on the Santiam River.  We had hoped to go to the coast but it was gusty and cold there so we decided to party it up on the river.  Everyone had a great time floating down parts of the river.  It's so fun having Seth, Caroline, Tommy, and Cali back in the states!

TJ, the river rat
Poppi helped the kids catch some big crawdads.
Nate, Tommy, Alysee
Cali, what a cutie pie!
Emi and sweet Hazel
Tyler, Tommy, Nate, Alysee
Gotta love my Seffers!
My mom and dad whipped out their dutch oven and roasted up some delicious hotdogs. 
Saturday morning Birch flew into the Eugene airport to join us for the weekend.  You can't really tell but this is Birch and his buddy Mila.  We had a great afternoon at Otter Beach waterpark.  It was so nice to be together as a family for the last few days of our trip.
Chloe loved time with Ami!
Ami spoiled Chloe with a super amazing princess outfit for her birthday.  She bought a dress from a consignment store and then added the frills, wand, tiara, and super fancy jewelry.
Ami worked late into the night at finishing her masterpiece.
For me this trip was really special because I was able to spend some time with dear friends from many moons ago.  I was reminded how lucky I was to have such great friends in my high school years. I only hope that my kids are as lucky as me! 
It's always tricky balancing time between family and friends when visiting Corvallis.  What a treat it was to spend a couple of hours with my bestie, Kimberly.  We spent many hours walking in our youth solving the world's problems and supporting each other in our dreams.
So wonderful to just pick up where we left off!  We are miles apart but our hearts are still close.
The morning before we left we were lucky enough to experience Kimberly's photography talent first hand.  I remember when Kim got her first camera and used to shoot for the high school yearbook.  So fun to be the ones behind the lens!  I was surprised how stressed I was about putting together our outfits.

Ahhh...I just smile when I look at our pictures.  They are plastered all over our walls so I get to smile often!

On the way home we took a pit stop at the Portland Temple.  Birch and I were married here so it holds a special place in our hearts.

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