Monday, September 2, 2013

Climbing High

With all the craziness of the summer we never made it rock climbing as a family.  Although, it is a little trek from our house we all love climbing at The Feathers.  The Feathers has several routes that are more family friendly (a.k.a. easy) and also have some area around to play when it is not your turn.  Everyone really did awesome!  We had two ropes going at all times and the kids would have certainly loved a third route to lessen the wait.
Nate reminds me of a gecko -- he just scampers up the wall face with no fears.

Birch did the lead climbing on one route.
Alex didn't get to climb as much as he would have liked because of his needed help in belaying.
Chloe was incredible this year!
Chloe climbed the rock like it was nobody's business.
Then she got to the top and looked down.  Uh-oh, Chloe looks down and it is all over.  She freezes and we couldn't talk her back down for anything.
Birch ended up coming up over the top face of the route and hooked into the rope with her while I belayed them both down.  That was the end of Chloe's climbing for the day.
Nate coming down.
A cool shot of both Birch and I belaying the kids.
Alysee is on the left and Alex is climbing on the right face.
Alysee was awesome as well!
I'm not sure what it is about rock climbing that seems to bring on the need to poop with several of the kids.  We got smart and bought one of these...
Little sagebrush for your privacy is all one needs.
Tyler was super close to finishing his climbing merit badge.  He's had a fear of rappelling which has prohibited him from getting the merit badge.  Birch set up a route for him and really talked him through his mental issues.
BAM!  He did awesome and now loves rappelling.
I was super daring (or dumb) and let Tyler belay me.  This was also a requirement that he needed to complete to get the merit badge.

Go Alysee!

So thankful for the safety and fun we experienced as a family!

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emily a. said...

So who cleans out the poop bowl when the day is done?