Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daddy's Gone...let's go camping

I'm positive that I have never thought, "Hum...I think while Birch is at ABH with his brothers it would be fun to take the kids camping by myself."  BUT...this year our ward campout fell on the same weekend that Birch was going to be gone.  It's been seven years or so since we have actually been in town for the church campout and so I was determined to make it happen.  If it wasn't for the option of renting a cabin I wouldn't have even considered it. 

I'm still going to plead SUPERHERO MOM for the weekend just because I still think I am cool that I loaded up the kids in the pouring rain and headed to the dark forest without our Daddy.  We dined on microwave Hawaiian Rice Bowls from Costco.  We all had a fabulous time and the rain let up for most of the time.  The cabin was warm and cozy and we all slept fabulously.  We had a great "fireside" around the fireless firepit (due to the burn ban) and the kids loved running around with their friends.  It sure was awesome to have the young men prepare a delicious breakfast for us all in the morning.
Daddy had the good camera on his ABH trip so we resorted to documenting our campout with Alex's iTouch. 

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