Friday, September 13, 2013


Oral Surgery day for this brave girl! She was nervous about waking up during the surgery but the doc has reassured her that he will keep her comfortable and sleepy during the whole procedure. She had had two canines exposed and then the doctor attached a chain to those teeth which will then be attached to her braces band to slowly pull up the two canines that are flopped over. Good times ahead!

 This procedure was actually done on her lower jaw but this is the main idea.  The oral surgeon cut open her gums all along her bottom jaw and then glued a bracket and gold chain on the canine and then stitched her up.  Over the next several months the chain will be shortened and by applying the pressure on the impacted canine it will help it erupt.
Alysee has been in a lot of pain but has been really brave! 
While the boys are camping at Sheep Lake we plan on spending the whole weekend watching the five disk series of "Anne of Green Gables" and eating ice cream, mashed potatoes, and pudding!

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