Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Great Anticipated Sheep Lake Exhibition

Alex logged in some more hours behind the wheel as he drove the boys to Sheep Lake for their annual backpacking trip.
 There were mixed emotions in this year's trip.  With the Coxes flying the coop to Utah, the whole trip kind of changed dynamics.  The boys actually really wanted to go someplace different as Sheep Lake has so many memories attached to it with Mark and the Cox boys.  Birch wasn't able to find another location that was as close and would work for the various muscle masses.  Even with the changes the boys were still so excited, especially because Birch took off work early so they all got to get out of school a bit early as well.
 Can't hike by the "jerky log" without eating some in memory of Mark Cox.
 Coop is our handstand maniac.
 Nate and Coop...mountain goats
 The boys were super excited when they found the burn band had been lifted and they could carry on their favorite tradition of grilled Starbursts.
 The next morning Nate took on the task of filtering everybody's water.  Birch says he was a champ!
 In honor of Caleb Cox the boys all wanted to pose with these "Dr. Seuss" like plants.  I guess Caleb was totally into them last year.
 Handsome boys - Alex, Tyler, Birch, Nate, and Coop
 Nate doing a handstand near Bear Gap.
 Birch said that Coop was on fire the whole trip.  He had been waiting for so long to go to Sheep Lake and his patience for any activity was almost zilch because he couldn't wait to do the next thing. Having gone last year he knew all the cool things that were ahead for them to do. 
 Pretty awesome Daddy to keep this tradition going!
 Not lacking in self-confidence at the Ditto house.
 Alex braving Sheep Lake.
 Nate found a log to float around on.
Coop joining the Pioneer Club!
Boo hoo!  Time to hike home.  The boys all had a terrific time and the weather was awesome!  This is one tradition the boys will never let die!


emily a. said...

I bet they look forward to it every year with how much fun it looks.

MaryJane said...

So much fun! Did the girls get to do something fun, too? Did you notice in the last picture of Nate the person across the lake has on the same outfit he does?