Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grass or Children??

Birch and I have always tried to keep the motto:  We Raise Children, Not Grass.  Basically implying that our yard may not be the best on the block but hopefully our kids will be.  As I have looked over our garden this year I have tried to comfort myself with this same motto.  We are busy raising kids, having a fun summer, and filling our lives with church service...and our garden can wait. 

Meanwhile, it does make me feel a little guilty as the tomatoes rot, cucumbers blow up like yellow cancerous balloons, and weeds fill in the bean plants.

And so I think I will try and convince Birch to just plant pumpkins next year.

Our garden years can wait while we grow our children.
Our amazing six pumpkins!

1 comment:

emily a. said...

Wish we had been there to eat some of your yummy veggies.

Your pumpkins are pretty remarkable though.