Monday, October 7, 2013

My Galloping Boys

Ever since Alex and Tyler were little they have been excellent runners.  The funny thing is neither really love running but they do it to keep in shape and because they excel at it.
 One perk about being in the junior high this year is the after-school sports.  Cross Country is in full swing now and Tyler just had his second meet.

 Tyler finished in fourth place overall and second place for West Valley!
 1.5 miles finished in 10:40 -- Waa Hoo!!!
 Alex is a funny character for me in regards to x-country.  Each year Alex drags his feet all season (not literally) not really loving x-country but not really hating it either.  This year I reminded him that I wasn't that excited to pay-to-play $100 for something he didn't really have his heart set on.  The first week into practices his coach pulled him over after practice and told him that he thought he could make varsity this year.  Well, that was all that boy needed to hear.  He came home and bought himself a pair of spikes and hasn't looked back once.  He's struggled with shin-splits but has been careful to follow Birch's PT guidance to heal.
The Sunfair Invitational (teams from WA, OR, ID, MT, and British Columbia) is a huge meet held in our hometown.  Alex was so excited that he made the seventh spot in the Varsity run.

 Check out his feet!  Two steps into the race another runner stepped on his foot and his shoe popped off.  Alex competed the whole race in ONE SHOE!  Ironically, the shoeless foot was his injured foot that Birch had taped up that morning.

3 miles in 18:04.17; 23rd place out of 47 athletes in this division
Alex has beat all his personal records so far this season!

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emily a. said...

I didn't know they didn't really like running. Impressive they keep at it and do so well.