Friday, October 18, 2013

Raisin' The Roof

After like a million hours of planning our school Jog-a-thon was on October 18th.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous which was a bonus as it would have been held rain or shine.  This is my fifth year putting on the jog-a-thon and I'm hanging up my hat.  It's been a great event to put on and I've learned a lot about fundraising over the years.
The kids solicited donations from neighbors, friends, and family and then jogged for 20 minutes.  I added an online donation site this year and it proved to be a successful addition.  Nate, Coop, and Chloe were great little salesmen!
 We may not be a very big elementary school but we have staff, teachers, and kids that are full of heart!
 This past Friday was the unveiling of how much the kids brought in and also to see if we brought in $10,000 and therefore would send the office staff to the roof for the day.  WE DID IT!!!!!  Each year my brain swarms with ideas as I try to think of high motivational rewards that cost little.  This year our top prize for the top earner was a huge lego set.  The kids all love the in-school movie/popcorn party and other prizes as well.

 What a tremendous amount of work goes into an event like this -- but the return is awesome!!!  I never realized how much the PTA is involved in the school and creating the fun environment that we want our kids to be surrounded by until I became heavily involved several years ago.  I've learned to have confidence on the mic (even when I say dumb things and my words come our all jumbled); I've learned that the community is important to help raise a child, and I've learned that very few people want to put the time into putting on something like this.  Here's to hoping that someone steps up to the plate next year!!!!

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emily a. said...

You've done an amazing job over the years Sara. You can hang your hat up with pride.