Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Teen Fairy Strikes Again

EGAD!!!!  Another teen in the house!
Tyler hauled in a lot of fun loot and received some super thoughtful letters from his brothers and sisters.
I'm thinking we are going down hill in the birthday dessert department.  In my defense, Tyler is just about as easy as possible and didn't really care what he had for his dessert.  He actually picked to make homemade ice cream sandwiches and then went ahead and made them for everyone.  I was tuckered out from making birthday lasagna.

Tyler came to our family just when our hearts needed to be healed.  He followed Sara Elizabeth's passing and another miscarriage.  We were SO ready for a baby to join our family.  Tyler was instantly loved by his big brother Alex.  Tyler can be blamed for my "ER" addiction as he was always fussy during the late evening hours and so I found myself watching late night shows.  
Love our super sweet Tyler!!!  Tyler is thoughtful, intelligent, caring, a great priesthood holder, and cares deeply for his family.  He is also a basketball and meat lover!!!



emily a. said...

Tyler, you've turned into such a handsome, kind, thoughtful boy.

laura said...

Happy happy birthday Tyler! You are one of the most impressive kids I know. Miss you.