Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ami and Poppi In The House!!!

Veteran's Day weekend brought a wonderful surprise of my parents coming up for a quick visit.  We may have not had too much time together but we packed each hour full!  All Saturday morning our family had been participating in a community leaf rake and so when we pulled into our driveway and they kids saw Ami and Poppi's car they were elated!
An afternoon football game with Poppi.
Handsome boys

Ami taught the kids how to make homemade molasses taffy while Birch and I had Sunday meetings.
A hair trim for Alysee with beautician Ami.

Monday morning the kids all scooted off to school and Birch and I had Ami and Poppi all to ourselves.  Birch suggested doing something crazy together...go rappelling at a location near our house that Birch recently found out about.  It all sounded good until we each got ready to go off the side of the edge.
Poppi ended up being the brave one to go first. 

Okay, the edge was seriously scary.  There was no way to slowly let yourself off the top.  I don't mind rappelling but through this experience I think we all (maybe not Birch) learned that we prefer a slow lip off the top so you can slowly lower yourself.  Since that wasn't an option we all relied on Birch slowly "pushing" us off the edge (okay, he didn't push but tried to lower us down with his hands).
By this time I was content to keep my rock warm and just sit and look pretty.
But no, we all had a turn.
Trying to act like it really didn't hurt when I slammed by body into the rock all the while trying to keep my grip tight behind my bum so I didn't go plummeting to the bottom.
Birch loved every minute (even his not so graceful start his first time down -- wish we had a picture of that!!!).
Show off!!!
Ahhh...on level ground with three of my favorite people!
Just about 42 years of marriage!!
Love this shot!

Almost hitting our 17th Anniversary mark!

Loved having the weekend together!!!!!!!!!!!!!


emily a. said...

Cute hat Sara. Looks like you had a great time together!

Matt said...

Great post

laura said...

I LOVE those pictures of mom and dad. I am so glad you were able to make such a fun unplanned trip!