Monday, November 4, 2013

Districts and State Baby!!!!!

It's a wrap!  X-Country Season is officially over.  Alex had an AWESOME season and is super excited about his potential for next year. 
At the starting line for Districts.  Alex ran on the JV team.
It was WAY windy and I'm not sure how all these runners could breathe.
Check out this guy!  He honestly didn't even look tired at the end.  Alex reminded me of a gazelle as he galloped to the finish line.  Many other runners looked they were going to keel over and die once they made it through the finish line but Alex had a smile on his face and said that he felt great.
17:29.9 -- Alex is especially all smiles because he beat his Daddy's personal best from when Birch was a Senior in High School and went to State finishing with 17:30.
2nd Place Overall for JV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex is also holds the 8th spot for on the Varsity Team so he got to stand on the stands with when Varsity finished 2nd place overall at Districts -- earning them a spot at State.

Next Stop STATE:

 Seven runners run at State but they always take the top eight runners just in case someone gets sick or hurt.  Alex warmed up with the team and was right there to the end -- he didn't end up needing to run but had a great experience.  The team won 4th Place at State -- SWEET!!!
Alex was awarded several awards for his hard work this season at the awards dessert night.
Most exciting of all was earning his first letter and pin.  This is earned through accruing so many points each meet by being a top eight runner on Varsity.

Way to go Alex!!!  Can't wait to see what you can do next year!

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