Friday, November 1, 2013

Goblins, Ghosts, and Pumpkins

 Halloween was packed full of fun.  Chloe had a field trip to a local nursing home and was so cute as she recited all her memorized poems and songs.  The other kids had school parties and Alex...well, Alex got to go to school.  Not so much fun after you start growing up :)  I spent the afternoon setting up for our Ward Halloween Party. The party turned out great and we all came home exhausted!
 Alex (as himself), Coop (Beat Boxes), Tyler (Hillbilly), Nate (the Lobster Bisque guy from Studio C), Alysee (angel), Chloe (fairy), Birch (Clark Kent), Mom (Lois Lane)

Love my Super Hero!
 Birch's office really went all out this year in their costumes!
Great last minute costume!!

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Julie said...

Love the costumes! We recently hooked my laptop up to the TV and had Studio C night courtesy of you tube! Gotta love lobster bisque!