Friday, November 15, 2013

Sistas from anodar Mother

I'm a lucky girl...I love my mother and sister-in-laws!  We just got together for our annual AGW weekend -- All Girls Weekend. 

Love these ladies!  Our numbers grew by one this year with Andrew's marriage to Jenna.  It was such a treat to get to know Jenna better.  Each of these ladies made this weekend a priority.  A big shout out to our hubbies for holding down the fort while we were out shopping, eating, going to movies, and talking to the wee hours of the morning.
 Pedicures at the Paul Mitchell Beauty School -- I think we each came home with a good story and so so toes.  It was a memorable experience!
 Perdy toes!

 Mostly we just laid around, read, talked, or played games when we were at home.  Debbie did have all the supplies for us to make a scrumptious caramel apple for our hubbies.
 For my Lover!
We packed in some shopping, ate out more than my body could handle, and saw a great movie at the theater -- "Captain Phillips."
The last day Blayre had come up with a cute little craft that most of us made -- my kids were sure happy to indulge themselves with the treats when I got home. I ended up leaving a bit earlier than planned as my insomnia kicked in the last night and I only got on two hours of sleep and had a three hour drive home.  That was the only bummer part of the trip.

I love these ladies and I'm so glad that no matter what our physical distance is from each other that when we get together we can laugh, cry, and giggle.  Our friendships are eternal and sure does make the hard parts of life more bearable!