Monday, December 23, 2013

All Chloe Really Needs To Know She Learned From...


Alysee is an excellent teacher and big sister.  These two girls have a special bond and I hope they stay close forever.  Birch and I were thinking the other day of all the things Alysee has taught Chloe over the years.  As we wrote the list down we question whether we are needed as parents.  The list is long:

  • how to play the piano
  • how to write numbers (Alysee includes motivational prizes like Happy Meals)
  • how to write the alphabet 
  • songs and voice lessons
  • fashion
  • crafts
  • the art of staying up late and sleep in
  • how to do your hair
  • how to make your bed
  • picking out your clothes
  • how to play Barbies
  • a mini preschool for several years which included homework
  • playing church (including how to give a talk)
  • how to read books
  • how to braid
  • mathmatics
  • how to catch bugs
  • how to jump on the tramp without holding your dad's hand
  • how to wipe without using a lot of toilet paper
  • dance routines
 Chloe and Alysee - photo taken July 2013
 Sisters...forever friends!

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emily a. said...

My girls only hope is our visits to Yakima and the hours they get with Alysee then. She's a gem!