Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Is In The Air

December really is a magical month!  I got a killer deal on our beautiful Christmas tree on Black Friday ($20 Noble Fir) and so the kids were all begging to decorate as soon as we put away the turkey and gravy.  With Birch deep diving in tithing settlements we did some of the decorating of the house without him but saved the tree for our Monday night family activity. 
 We have a TON of ornaments.  I grew up getting at least one ornament every year from my parents and/or Grandma and now have all of those ornaments plus we have carried on the same tradition with our kids and give them a special ornament each year too.
 Good thing we got a plump tree as we need lots of sturdy branches to fit on all of those ornaments.
 Chloe was so excited when she found her cinnamon star ornament that she made last year at preschool.  It still even smelled good!  Wondering about the glasses?   Chloe has been wearing them since I popped out the lenses for my Halloween costume.  If she ever really needs them at least we know she'll look really cute.
 Alysee was rockin' out all night!
 Chloe has been busy making all sorts of advent countdowns and lists of cut-up pictures from magazines of what she is hoping to get for Christmas this year.
 Birch and I found this note taped to our bedroom door recently.  Perhaps my threat of "Santa knows if you are being naughty" is really sinking in to Chloe's mind. 
On that same night I was tucking Chloe in bed and her bedtime prayer went something like this:  "Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless that I'll be good for the rest of my life.  And that I will not laugh during prayer [meanwhile she is laughing like a hyena].  And that next time I'll close my eyes during prayer.  Amen"
 I'm not a super crafty gal but when I saw this idea of making a garland out of felt balls I thought it was something I could handle.  I ordered the balls from a woman in Nepal and then just strung them up. 
 Super easy and it turned out cute!

In Primary two weeks ago, I was in charge of sharing time and invited six prophets who foretold of Christ's birth to come visit the children and share where in the scriptures they spoke of Christ's birth.  It was really a memorable experience.  Birch was an excellent Abinadi (even though the picture is of poor quality -- he wears a great platinum blond wig).

We've been doing a scripture advent calendar each night (along with a treat) and it has been a great reminder of all the things that lead up to Christ's birth.  I love that this time of the year it is easy to make room for Christ, though it is a reminder to me that there should always be room for Christ in my heart and life. 


emily a. said...

Dying over the 1st picture of everyone in front of the tree. It looks like Christmas in Brazil--- everyone in tanks/short or just pants. Only at the Ditto's house can it feel like summer even in the winter.

Elyse said...

Love it!! Can i ask where you ordered the felt balls? I've been wanting to make a garland like that too! Merry Christmas Ditto family!!!