Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gobble, Gobble...

Relaxing...not sure I have ever used that word in association with Thanksgiving.  This year was wonderful as we stayed home and hosted Emi and Ryan's family and my baby brother Luke.  Luke just had surgery on his nose (for like sixth time) and still made the long drive from Provo to Spokane and then came down with the Andersens.  What a treat to spend the weekend with everyone!
Ryan eating his traditional celery filled with this nasty cheese stuff that he loves (actually I tried it this year and it wasn't as bad as I thought).
One of the things that made Thanksgiving so stress-free as that we took the easy way on a few dishes, like our Rhodes rolls.  They were delicious!
Chloe loved making our oreo cookie turkeys.  During dinner we had a great time using our conversation coasters and learned lots of fun stuff about each other.
I must not lie this apple pie was AMAZING!
Game of spoons
Three peas on a pod
Love this little girl!

We all had such a great time hanging out with Uncle Lukey!  He's an orig and such a sweet guy.  I miss his back massages already!
Luke is super talented and is great at making music.  After some instructions Coop was off creating his own music.
Nate was all about football all weekend!

Lots of this went on throughout the weekend.  The boys all played in a pretty intense pool tournament.

Hum...gotta love our special Ryan!!
Gonna miss this guy when he graduates this spring and moves to Japan to further his art career.

Aunti Emi and Mila
Sage and Chloe were quite the play-dough creators.
And with each pool tournament there must be consequence for the losers.  Alex and Tyler had to wear their socks over their pants all Sunday when they were not participating in their priesthood duties. 

Since Birch has responsibilities all Sunday his consequence had to be different than the rest of the guys.  Poor guy.

So the trick to a stress-free Thanksgiving...make whatever you can ahead of time, take the easy way our on some stuff (Rhodes rolls and Costco pumpkin pie), split up the meal with another family (thanks Andersens!!), and eat at noon so you don't spend all day starving or snacking.

I feel blessed!!!


emily a. said...

Yep, we nailed it. Only thing I regret is not making the yummier version of the stuffing. I'll do it next year. We always have a blast with the Ditto's! Thanks for hosting us.

Julia said...

I'm suddenly feeling very patriotic... Looks fun and delicious!