Tuesday, December 17, 2013


As a child I did not believe in Santa Claus.  It was something that my parents felt was important in order to truly know the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas.  When I married Birch I entered a whole new world of magic at Christmas time.  In 1998, I heard a wonderful talk by James E. Faust where he described the qualities of Santa as, "a joyous individual who is interested in making others happy — who is childlike, simple, humble, sincere, forgiving and giving."  President Faust went on to say, "we can all reach out like Santa Claus and spread happiness to those around us."  Since hearing this talk and having children of my own I have come to a better understanding of Santa and his magic.

We recently had our church Christmas breakfast and one of Santa's special helpers was able to come and visit with each of the kids. 
Chloe in Santa heaven.

So this is where I start to wonder a bit about greed - this is Chloe's BOOK of ideas that she cut, pasted, and mailed to Santa last week.  Again, not growing up believing in Santa I wonder if he appreciated options??
Coop has quite the list himself of gift ideas for Santa.  He was pleased to share them all with Santa.

Nate is the sweetest of them all.  What does he want most for Christmas? -- a trip to Utah to see his best buddy Chase Cox.  Just in case that doesn't work out he's given Santa several other options to choose from.

Alysee was acting as a mother's helper for two little girls that were frightened of Santa.

So greedy or not??  I kind of laugh when I think of our family motto, "An attitude of gratitude" and then check out these mile long lists.  Good thing Santa loves to spread happiness!!

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