Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On the Eve of Christmas

We didn't let anyone down with the Christmas Eve festivities this year.  Gingerbread house decorating, friends, smorgasbord of delicious foods, talent show, and the nativity were all happening at our home.

Let see...Birch requested Mango Salsa, Sara made homemade pizza, Alex dined on fine cheeses and crackers, Tyler requested meatballs, Alysee wet our pallets with Italian Sodas, Nate brought in the tropical side with fresh shrimp and cocktail sauce, Coop kept it real with spicy boneless chicken wings, and Chloe kept us nutty with pistachios.  We had about ten other great additions brought in from the Finch and Jensen families that joined us this year.
This was a real memorable treat...Alysee and Nate performing "What's that smell?"
Chloe showing off her piano talent taught from piano teacher Alysee.
Alex dusted off his trumpet that makes its' debut each Christmas Eve.  We all laughed because he had to go dig up his retainer because the last time he played the trumpet he was wearing his retainer and now he found he couldn't play without it.
Daddy/Daughter musical number.
Tyler and Nate with that 2013 Human Pretzel routine.
Remembering the good ol' newlywed years Birch and I sang, "I'll have a Blue Christmas."
Chloe got a little stage fright while singing.  We missed out totally on Coop's talent this year as he joined on on the stage fright -- it was a bummer because his dance routine was unforgettable!!
My talent was designing this print (replicating it off of something else I had seen) and getting it printed for FREE -- the talent of copying and good deals.
Chloe was thrilled when she pulled the part of "Mary" out of the hat.  Her husband, Joseph was played by Alex this year.
Our wiseman -- Coop and Alysee
The whole 2013 Nativity Cast

I know by now you're really jealous that you were not with us Christmas Eve night.  Never fear we recorded the fun right here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhE5d8vxosU&list=UUJNS04EBDgXey9WL-P75KgA&feature=share

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Krista said...

Such a fun evening, Sara! Thank you for including us. We loved it!