Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Has Arrived!!!

Lots of hugging Christmas morning!!!

Alex and Tyler received a really unique way of figuring out what their joint present was this year...a custom puzzle they had to put together.
After some spiritual prompting I received earlier this fall we decided to send Alex, Tyler, and Grannie on a trip to Independence, Nauvoo, and St. Louis.  We're planning on this happening this July.  Birch and I really feel that this trip will help cement their love of the gospel and the early church foundations.

Christmas zooms by at our house when you start at 7 am with stockings, presents, cleaning up, a big brunch, taking down the Christmas tree, and then loading the car to head to Grannie's house.  The good part about it all is that when we return from our trip the kids are super excited to play with their presents!  Fun times!!!

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